Life is short so love the one that you've got, 'coz you might get run over or you might get SHOT.

                                                                                                                            -"What I Got" Sublime-

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   Wake up Neo.  You are not dreaming.  You have now entered into a state of consciousness that few venture or are willing to try.  Welcome... to a state of madness. 


     Welcome... to the Graveyard.


      My name is Spinal, and I am your librarian.  Collected within these humble catacombs are the works of many enlightened souls who have wish to pass on to you, dear reader, the product of their most inner thoughts, their most secret dreams... and their lives.


     Please, partake of such gifts.  It is offered with whole-hearted generosity to those who seek of it.  Upon reading our works, we do not promise that you shall attain enlightenment.  Nay... rather, it is our hope that our works may open more doors for you, and within these doors... more questions.


     One could not ask for anything more. 


     Please, partake freely.  Enjoy all that we have to offer to you and yes, come back for more.  If there is anything you wish to say, I could be written at  Feel free to ask anything.

The Badbrains Account got hit by this many e-mails before it went KAPUT! 

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