Welcome to the Dark Side!
This is the home of PWF superstar Storme.  Also here, you will find information on the Amucking Kaburbler.  Later information may come on Da Almighty Ringmaster and Ciara the Warrior.
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Latest News!!
Well, after a long vacation, we are back with lots more news on Storme and the Kaburbler.  Congratulations are in order, as the pair celebrated their wedding at the PPV redemption just this week. 
Also, it appears that all is not well in the Dark Alliance, as apparently the Phantom has left to join the eWo and Dark Angel himself attempted to sabotage the wedding of Storme and the Kaburbler... Perhaps this would never be known if he hadn't tried to recruit the bride's own sister, Ciara the Warrior, to do his dirty work....
Da Almighty Ringmaster also appears to be out for blood from our two, as he took advantage of the chaotic scene to pin Kaburbler, stealing the Hardcore Title in a dastardly and underhanded manner.  Something tells me he'll soon answer for his actions...
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