Storm Mountain dogues de bordeaux
The Dogue de Bordeaux is also known as the French Mastiff, an amazing canine originally bred to fight & protect. This animal is devoted to & wants nothing more than to please the master. We've raised'em up with our family & friends, finding we couldn't ask for a more intelligent caretaker or companion.The temperament of our dogues is excellent & this is the only breed we will ever own. We raise the occasional litter of puppies, in the midst of our farmhouse - not some distant isolated kennel. The puppies spend their days rompin' around rolling acres of ancient cedars & blackberry briars while they chase around behind the humans doing chores. We hope you find that perfect dogue that becomes a loyal, cherished member of your family!Contact us with questions or comments & thanks for visiting!
Skye- (female)sired by CH. Riverbend's Beefsteak
Elmo- (male)