Centuries ago the Tremere placed some kind of a hex on the clan to prevent them from commiting the Amaranth on the elders of the world.  Still not sure why they couldn't set it up so that the Sabbat elders were still prey.  Anyways, I hear the Assassins have returned to their old ways.  'Course I also heard that some have  joined the ranks besides the Tremere.  Now, when you think that the only way they could have broken the curse is with the aid of the Tremere, it becomes apparent that the two clans are probably up to something together.  I know that I trust the Warlocks less now.
-Steve Hardy; Brujah "in the know"
Members of our distinguished clan have turned traitor and fled to the sect claiming that my sire does not exist.  They will be the first to earn my wrath.
-Ur-Shulgi; The Shepard
   For centuries the Assassins brewed in the hallowed halls of Alamut, spending each night trying to break the curse that the Tremere laid upon them for their actions in the anarch revolt.  During this time they became known as the most honorable of clans, going so far as to declare a target untouchable if a single assassin failed to eliminate her chosen mark.  Imagine the Kindred's surprise when the Assamite's codes vanished overnight, along with several old Kindred with powerful vitae flowing through their bodies.  Gone are the safe times for the Tremere clan, who has become one of the main targets for the Assamite's wrath.  They have lost dozens of clan elders, and the Pyramid has slowly begun to crumble under the force of the Assamite onslaught.  This year roughly a third of the Assamite clan has fled to the Camarilla claiming that some supernatural force has driven them from the halls of Alamut.  While they aren't talking to other clans, it is believed that the Assamites in the Camarilla have had several meeting with the Black Hand warlords regarding some topic of interest to both groups.
Orders and Reports
Members of Clan Assamite
Ysac Strongald(on hiatus)
After an attempt on Daniel Llanso's life, Ysac has not been seen since....

Player:  Tom McCormack