Humph.  I don't think that a clan of rats and mice are truly useful to us.  I mean, we haven't gotten in any real trouble since the Outlanders have fled like the cowards they are.  The Black Hand will never take Paris, the true bastion of power in this world.
-Centurian Murac Quirinus, Clan Toreador
Whenever I come into town, they're always looking at me.  Making sure that I don't do something wrong.  When have I ever caused a problem in the Prince's domain?  Ever since Xavier went and declared our removal from the Camarilla I get these looks, like people think that I've went Sabbat or some shit like that.  Not like I was consulted about "the decision."  Bastard made me an outcast in my own sect.  Makes me kinda glad that I never had much to do with it in the first place.
-Joshua Freidman
    The Gangrel clan has returned to its ancient roots as loners that are seperate from the other clans.  No longer do they curry to the whims of the local princes, and pretend to play the meaningless games that the other clans delight in.  They have left the sect that they had allied themselves with for so long in order to return to their roaming ways.  There are still some Gangrel loyal to the Camarilla, though they are few and far between.  Many of the clan have actually defected to the Sabbat; there has been a significant upsurge in the numbers of this clan within the bloodthirsty sect.  Rumors say that this is because the Gangrel fear some future event, and believe that the Sabbat will be the best vehicle use to combat the things that scare the most dangerous of clans.  While no one can be sure why the Gangrel defected, many are concerned about the implications this will have for the Camarilla as a whole.
Local Things
Members of Clan Gangrel
George Kendall McTavish

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Ayla A'unt

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