The sewer rats have started hiding in their holes a little more often than they used to. I hear from a buddy of mine in New York that they vanished for a good ten years or something.  Something is going on, and I don't know what the hell it is, and that's actually starting to worry me.  Listen to me, I sound like a fuckin Tremere or something.  Scary.
-Donald Crow; Brujah speedmetal guitarist
    The Nosferatu KNOW.  They know why the Gangrel left the Camarilla, they know the truth concerning the Ravnos, they even know about the Tremere's past.  The sewer rats are arguably the most dangerous clan in the modern Jyhad, where information is worth more than all the gold in the world.  They are also the only clan that place their neutrality and clan above all else.  They willingly absolve themselves from most conflicts, preferring to sit on the sidelines and help whoever comes to them for aid.  Recently, however, there have been rumors circulating that warrens as simply vanishing.  Just a few years ago in Russia, one of the eldest of elders simply vanished, along with all of her influence.  Many in the clan believe that these disappearances may signal the doom of the clan,  but most are trying to keep up appearances and keep their information brokerage businesses running normally.
Members of the Nosferatu

Player:  James Poirer

Player:  Nathan Curie

Player:  Bill Batten
Welcome honored guests.  Don't mind the mess...we rarely have the time to clean.  That noise?  Oh, simply the hum of our friends; we feed them and they tell us things.  Now, once you tell me what you need to know I'll call them all out; I'm sure that one of them will have the information that you require. Now, the real question is what can you do for me....
-Jason; Nosferatu Creepster