They were thieves and decievers all.  In the past three centuries, I caught a dozen trying to gain unlawful entrance into my domain, and they are still paying for their breech.  Those that can cry out do so every night when I go to them, begging a fellow clanmate to aid them.  A shame they do not realize that they are amongst a select few that remain in this world.
-Heinrich Gustav Dietz; Tzimisce Voivode
I think that I'm finally alone.  We were all planning a Treatment for a Tzimisce bishop in Detroit when we all kinda just looked at each other.  Sure, we'd been having some weird feelings for the past little while, but we kinda hoped it was just come vampiric cold or something.  Al just looked at me, and boom!  Before I knew what was happening, I was sucking his sweet, sweet vitae....and once I came to, I saw several piles of ash.  Two were missing, mine and Aiken's...hope that he donesn't come near me, I like the guy but think that stopping myself might not be an option.
-Rachael Pol; Ravnos nomad
    The Ravnos have always been a constant annoyance to other Kindred.  They always tend to arrive at inconvienient times, say things that shouldn't be said, and leave the city with more than they arrived with.  Still, that was all they were, a nuisance.  In past years, they have disappeared for the most part.  While there are the occasional Decievers that pass through Camarilla domains, they are very rare now.  Several rumors have been circulating in Elysiums across the world regarding the clan's retreat from the limelight.  Some believe that the clan has withdrawn in order to perform the greatest Treatment ever, one that would involve the entire clan.  Others say that they have become infected with the Assamite's thirst for Kindred vitae, except the Ravnos thirst only for Ravnos.  A few Malkavians have suggested that they may have went mad because they initial progenitor was destroyed.  All, of course are simply rumors, and most Toreador are dismissing them as of no real import one way or the other.
Members of Clan Ravnos