Degenerates, each and every one of them. How the clan has survived for these past centuries baffles me; they have laid idle ever since the Renaissance, merely creating the odd work or art, or sponsering some up-and-coming performer.  Despite this, they have more influence than most clans put together.  Fortunately, the Pyramid is draining some of that power to heighten our own influence.  It is only a matter of time until our accendance over the Toreador is complete.
-Arthur Walker; Lord of Luxemburg
    The Toreador clan revolves around human society more closely than any other.  They have sponsered artists, warlord, educators, and more over it's millenia of existance.  Members of the clan have been involved in king-making, and are believed responsible for several massive cultures that sprung up as the first human civilizations.  Since the Renaissance, however, the clan has grown stagnant, producing very little of value.  Most members have simply turned gossip into a form of art, and honed their tongues to be like the sharpest of knives.  In modern nights they tend to be among the most jaded of Kindred, and amuse themselves as harpies and seneshals, much to the chargine of other the other Kindred who are on the recieving end of the Toreador jests.  Recently, there have been rumors that the Toreador may have actually been preparing themselves for some kind of new Renaissance, though this has only been spoken in private between neonates who's sires heard this information from a friend of a friend...
The MacDonald Stewart Art Centre
Members of Clan Toreador
Lady Beatrix Howard (NPC)
A degenerate critic, who over the ages has become more and more jaded and withdrawn, she has become known across the Camarilla for her sharp tongue and even sharper wit.  She is a gifted muse, and is typically found in the core of Camarilla politics in whatever city she is in.  She's been in Guelph  for a while and has wasted no time in assuming her "rightful" place as primogen in Guelph since her arrival one year ago.

Player:  Sara Swift(ST)
Rosita Wells

Player:  Katie Weatherby
Email: I miss the nights when Constantinople reigned supreme.  There we were the Lords and Ladies; the upper crust that controlled humanity.  Now, now the fledglings embrace from the common ranks, praise pagan gods, and drink the lifeblood of thugs and barbarians.  It is good that I have awoken again; it is time to begin culling my lineage and clan.
-Pakourianis the Dove; Recently Awoken Childe of Michael