The Prince is possibly the most dangerous position in the Camarilla my childe.  The person that rules over domain is forced to accomodate the desires of those in their domain to maintain their very existence.  She has to deal with a bickering primogen, defiant seneschals, and misguided sherriffs.  Princes have the worst set of responsibilities in the sect, which is why we rarely seek the position. Better that you are one of the people that the Prince has to satisfy, or else.  It's much more amusing.
-Ian Radwick; Malkavian ancillae
Despite how historical views have become blurred in the passage of time, the Ventrue still stand as the noble and just leaders unparelleled to any other.  We saved the clans from the fores of the Inquisition and have since led them into the glories of today under the Camarilla.  Through keeping the traditions of yesterday alive, the Ventrue ensure that the Kindred of today will remain to see tommorow.  Of course, any who would challenge us can do so at any time, though within our clan lies the blood of countless kings, lords,leaders, and knights. If our word is not law, then who's is?
-Daniel Llanso; Ventrue Aedele
    The lords of the Camarilla will never admit to the sect's failings.  They avoid talking about the difficulties that the sect has recently experienced with the Sabbat.  Conversations regarding the Gangrel's exile tend to shift towards more comfortable topics.   You rarely hear a member of the clan publically denounce the Brujah anymore, fearing that they may be the next clan to leave.  The Ventrue's pride and joy has begun to fray.  The Camarilla elders may have admitted the Assamites into the sect, but the assasin's entrance at the behest of the Ventrue has resulted in more open hostilities between the Tremere and the blue bloods than.  In recent years the sect has lost more ground in the New World than ever before, and several Ventrue strategists have begun to whisper in quiet that the sect may be doomed.  The only thing that remains certain in these uncertain times of the Camarilla is that the Ventrue will stand by their sect until it is torn assunder by the ravaging hordes of the Sabbat.
The Secretaries Messages
Members of Clan Ventrue
Daniel Llanso
For the past 57 years, Mr. Llanso remained a passive enigma. As of late, he arose to the obscure position of Dux Bellorum, or war strategist for the Camarilla. While his actions are still unknown to most, it is common rumour that he and Prince Thorpe share a hidden rivalry for one another.

Player:  Treavor Blakney
Prince Charles Thorpe (NPC)
Prince Thorpe has ruled over this domain for over fifty years after the deposition of Sarah, the past Brujah prince.  He has been close mouthed concerning his past, telling few people, if any, significant details of his past.  Thorpe has ruled fairly during his reign, and has ensured that all grievences are dealt with in a timely fashion.  Charles has ruled the city through his seneschal for several decades; it is only recently that he has begun to appear more and more commonly to court to do business personally.

Player:  Kit Worzel(ST)
Thomas Foxfurrow (NPC)

Player:  Steve Blewett (narrator)
Gregory Johnston, B.Sc

Gregory would be considered by many to be your sterotypical computer geek.  Dressing in dress clothes with running shoes as footwear with pens in his pocket and tape on his glasses.  He is often a loner not by choice; people tend to avoid him because he is dull to talk to and often talks about computers.  The Prince seems to still be holding the "incident" that occurred at the Prince's Deathday against Gregory.

Player:  Jeff Dunnett