Food safety...ultimately, you are held       accountable!    Food processing, handling and storage are all risky endeavors.          Adulteration and contamination of food products are two of the many problems faced by the food industry.  If you are   involved in producing, distributing, or serving a food product, let the expertise of M&L Food Safety Consultants Inc. (M&L F.S.C. Inc) assist you and help reduce the risk.  We inspect, instruct and advise food processing, handling and storage facilities.  How are we able to this?  Simple.

The employees of 
M&L F.S.C. Inc. have years of experience in the industry, making us sensitive to your needs. 

So not only will we be able to make observations about areas of non-compliance with federal codes, but we can offer practical solutions allowing your company to comply with regulations without interfering with production. 

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