¦  HACCP & Food Safety Training

M&L F.S.C. Inc., provides training sessions to teach basic GMPs and food safety handling practices.  Reduce the high cost of food-borne illness by having a properly trained staff.

  HACCP Plans & Documentation   
     plus QC Program Development &     

We can assist you in developing your HACCP plans & QC Programs and review your records for compliance.  We can also develop supporting plans and documentation to support your HACCP plans as well as assisting you with your corrective action plans. 

Sanitation Audit Services

We are able to objectively review your facility's compliance with government regulations and national standards.  Each audit comes with a full report identifying existing problems and their appropriate solutions.  Follow-up visits may be scheduled to ensure corrective actions have been taken and to reinforce proper food safety practices.

Supplier Audits

How do your suppliers handle their product?  Do they have adequate HACCP plans?  Are their facilities adequate?  Are they providing you with the safest product possible?  A detailed report is provided with each audit.

¦  Product Troubleshooting

Having spoilage problems?  Not getting the shelf-life you expect?  Worried about the safety of your product?  Let our experts help solve your problems and put your mind at ease.

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