Merry Meet and welcome to our world.
Please injoy.

My husband and I, and
our little one welcome you to our site. Both my husband and I hope that you will come back.

e are currently in San Diego. The web sites are for those of open mind and heart. There is alittle something for everyone, if you follow the discription above.

Now, alittle about my husband and I. We both are wiccans. I have been practicing for many years. My husband for a few years. I practice as a priestess and my husband is always at my side, giving balance.

Mistress Victoria and Armond are our game names. We do Renissance Fiares. Whitch we are usually doing all year and can give you infomation if in the area or not. 

We hope that you injoy your visit and come back soon. Feel free to e-mail us if you have any Questions.

Blessed Be.
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