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This page is constantly expanding its borders by forcibly occupying "unaligned" lands.
In other words, it is under construction. Did you really expect anything else?

Team Mantis Motto:
Shakin' up the status quo: guess who just became a Great Clan?
How to use: When listening, mentally replace all instances of "Rocket" with "Mantis." For extra laughs, do your best to imagine your favorite Yoritomo's Alliance Personalities anime style. And remember: Kitsune Meowth eats oreos.

This Week's Headlines

That Ryosei Exp2 was a joke, y'know...

Welcome, grasshoppah, to KNOW FEAR, an internet resource dedicated to Yoritomo Alliance's in Rokugan, land of the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card, roleplaying, and miniatures games. Just what is Yoritomo's Alliance? Where the heck is Rokugan? And what in Amaterasu's light is Legend of the Five Rings?? If you don't know the answers to these questions, it's time to find out, before you go any further.

The knowledge of the seafaring Mantis Clan and its allies in Yoritomo's Alliance is rich and diverse. Choose your destination, and peruse our libraries. Please deposit one koku before entering the main turnstile. Thank you.

Know News: Site updates, as well as hot events occuring in the Legend of the Five Rings community.

Know Mantis: Interested in the mighty Clan of the Stormson and those who support it? Find all you need to know here, as well as information on the secret Yoritomo Coalition listserver, dedicated to putting the Mantis on top.

Know Decks: An ever-expanding selection of Yoritomo's Alliance decks, and the means to use them, as well as submission guidelines for all interested parties.

Know Strategy: In-depth strategy articles on all aspects of Mantis Clan play.

Know Reviews: Frequent card reviews spotlighting not only Yoritomo's Alliance cards, but also rarely-used or unexpected items which can add spice to your decks.

Know Resources: Spoiler lists for the basic set and all expansions, including the Libraries of the Mantis, with complete lists of all Yoritomo's Alliance cards for deckbuilding.

Know Story: Not quite up-to-date on the history of the Jade and Emerald Empires? Find all you need to know here, as well as a list of events pretaining especially to the Minor Clans of Rokugan.

Know History: The roots of Rokugan and the Mantis Clan in actual East Asian history and folk belief.

Know Links: Interested in other Clans in Legend of the Five Rings? Here's your chance to leap across the electronic Void to many of the best and most comprehensive L5R pages on the internet.

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