Hello and thank you for coming to the web site to see what were about!! We are a free UO shard ,ran by Professional Staff and ask that you read and abide by our players rules located on the forum site. We do inforce them serverly. We do ask that at all time to respect the Staff for they are volunteers and dont get paid to take any abusive action,  therefore if you do show them disrespect it is within there right to ban your account and ip, so when addressing staff chose you action and words wisely. I inforce this to my staff.
To sign on with Storms Revenge all you have to do is email me your
1)Account Name  2)Password  At the email link on this page.

When the account is made come to the Down load files section and download the files to play.
When you first enter the shard you will enter the town of Occlo with 10,000 gold in your pack and at the place where you pick the race,non pvp or pvp, then teleport to where you pick the charater of your chose: Shapeshifting, Summoner, or Necromancer. From there you teleport to the 5 GM skills of your chose.
We have new monster, socked weapons and gems, and now new Guild events that is in the making.
We hope that you will come and join in the fun, Staff and Player friendly environment, and hope to see you soon.
For though's of you that like old school. We now have Storms Revenge 2. To join click on the link provided on the left and come and play there also.
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As all knows there is a war going one in the middle east now. For the last weeks I have worked on a web site that will allow all of the players on Storms Revenge show there respect and hornor to though who have lost love ones in 9/11 WTC, those fighting now, past and presents. Pleaes go to the web site and sign the Guest book.
This site is a Tribute of Honor
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