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Hi, this is my first attempt at building a web page.  I'm going to fill this site with the things I like.  Stuff like My family.  Hobbies, like My truck, and stupid stuff I like.  I'll be adding stuff all the time, so check back often.
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Happy Campers!
4-26-03: WOW!  It's been awhile since I've updated the old page!  Been busy workin', movin', and growin' kids!  Not much goin on with the truck, my boy helped me put door speakers in today.  My Bro promised to build me a 3" body lift so I can get a set of 33" Interco TRXUS MT's under it this summer.  Speaking of my Bro, he finally pulled his head out of his Butt, and got him an 80' Toy short bed, it's got a 3" spring lift, bald 33"s, and a nasty noise comming from under the hood!  I'M SOOO JELOUS!!!!!!!  Check it out HERE. I'm gonna try to get on this page a little better, I've got some more ideas for things I want to put up.  I reasently re-descovered fishing, and my friends all want me to go shoot ground squirls.....  Check back soon!
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7-21-02:  Update.  Wow has it been a month already?  I've got my links page up, and running.  I'm still waiting for pics from my Bro (hint, hint!)  As soon as it's not so dry, I'm going to go wheeling with a few of my buddies, and will have some "action shots" to post.  Don't want to start any fires!
       Well keep checking back.
6-23-02:  Update.  I've added more pictures to my Toyota page, mostly of my Brother's Toyota, he sold it, and bought a (Gulp!) Scout!  But I still love him....  I'll even put up some Scout pic's, if he sends me any. 
      My next project will be a links page, I've got alot of them so it's gonna be awhile..  Keep checking back.