God Took Her

Author: Mexx

Rating: G

Disclaimer: OBJ

Author’s note: This is my apology piece for being offline and no site/ fic updates for so long… I hope you like it J

Feedback: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease J


She told you that she loved you and she helped you through

And now that she’s gone, you don’t know what to do

Angel don’t you worry, we’re all gonna be here for you


She was your strength when you were weak

She was your voice when you couldn’t speak

And now that she’s gone, all you seem to do is weep


God took her away for a reason, maybe we’ll never know

God took her away because it was her time to go

She’s served her purpose, she’s done what she was supposed to do

Maybe you’re on your own now, but she still lives in you


She is still here even though she’s out of sight

Shining through the darkness, she is your guiding light

She was your angel and God took her away

Even though she’s missing, she’s in your heart to stay

Nothing will ever make Buffy Summers go away.


Burning in your heart, the flame will never die

Her name escaped your lips, a tender, aching sigh

When you learned of her death, your delicate heart was shattered

Your heartfelt loss of her, was the only thing that mattered


We know your sad and you’ve lost her

We know you’ll never recover

It hurts the most to lose one that was a lover

We know it feels like your heart is broken

Your love for her was too much to be ever spoken


Release her spirit into this passing season

Angel please remember this, God took her for a reason.