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Author: Mexx
Rating: PG-13/R
Summary: Willow accidently send the scoobies and the fang gang into 18th century Spain, leading to some physical changes for both Angel and Spike.
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The ‘scooby gang’ was sitting in Giles’ lounge chatting amicably as they sifted through a trunk of what Giles termed as ‘might come in useful one day’ and what they called ‘junk'. Only Willow sat sullenly, whilst Spike, as usual, wasn’t helping instead he was watching Tv.

“-on tonight’s show, Robert Young will be visiting ‘old town’ Spain and showing many of the highlights of this beautiful country that hasn’t been touched by tourism...” the overly happy voice of the Tv presented boomed from Giles’ Tv set. “I always wanted to go to Spain.” Buffy commented thoughtfully.

“OH WOW! Spain! Whoop-de-doo!” Willow snapped sarcastically.

Buffy looked hurt.

“Just because your lesbian lusty lady dumped you doesn’t been you should take it out on us. It’s not our fault *all* your relationships fail!” Anya pointed out matter of factly with her usual total disregard for anyone’s feelings.

Xander whispered something in her ear and after a moments contemplation Anya smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, I was selfish and unthinking.” She patted Willow’s arm. “We all feel your pain.”

The room was quiet for a moment, except the sounds of Giles cleaning up the dishes and the commentary about Spain coming from the tube.

”I went to Spain once.” Spike started, breaking the tension in the room like a knife through water.

Willow rolled her eyes, “Here we go again!”

Spike ignored her and continued speaking to no one in particular “Just after ‘Mr. Poofy-Hair’ went all soul having. Me and Dru had some good times over there.”

”Actually I’ve been over there a couple of times” Xander added “Coz y’know my grandma was Spanish.”

Willow tensed visibly and squeezed the amulet she’d found whilst hunting through the trunk. “Oh well if Spain is soooooo fantastic why don’t you all go there! POOF! You all go. Hey why not Angel and the gang in LA” Willow yelled sarcastically “Oh and what about Faith???” She asked rhetorically “Nothings ever fun without that physco bitch! ‘POOF’ and you’re all in 18th century Spain!” Throughout her outburst the amulet Willow had been clutching had been getting consistently brighter. Willow flopped back, deflated on the couch and in that instant Spike, Anya, Xander and Buffy disappeared from the room. POOF!

“Doyle! Give that back!” Cordelia snapped as Doyle stole the latest copy of **Vogue** off her.

“Cordelia” Doyle began in his lilting irish accent “If I were to... I thought that... I wanted to ask you...”

Cordelia tapped her foot impatiently

“Eh-hum... Cordelia, will you-”He was cut off as the couple on the verge of dating disappeared from Starbucks leaving their mochas behind.

“Angel.” Kate Lockley smiled warily “Hi”. Although the blonde detective still didn’t trust the ensouled vampire, there was still the undeniable fact that she found him attractive.

“Kate” he nodded curtly. “I need your help.”

“Well there’s a surprise. What can I do for you?” Kate continued searching through a filing cabinet looking for a missing report, turning her back on Angel but still talking to him.

“I need you to track down the owner of this car for me.” Angel placed a crumpled piece of paper on the desk in front of him.

“Sure thing. Just let me...” Kate spun round, wondering where Angel had disappeared to. “How does he do that?”

Faith smashed her fist into the punch bag in front of her. *When* she got out of this hellhole she *was* going to be a slayer again, and she *was* going to help Buffy. Faith punched the bag for what seemed like the hundredth time and disappeared from the room.


Part One

‘THUD’ Two slayers, two vampires, an ex-demon, a half-brachen demon, and one zeppo and a wannabe Hollywood star hit the cobble stone floor heavily. Each took a moment to look around before gasping in surprise. They were sitting in a courtyard of a large deserted villa. It was two storey’s tall with gleaming white stone walls. Beyond the villa, lush forestry was visible and the villa appeared to be built on top of a mountain. The sun hung low in the sky, which was tinged pink. The sun had yet to set.

“ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!” Spike yelled as he dived for cover in a nearby water-well.

After watching Spike turn for cover, Anya turned to Xander “What are you doing?”

“Trying to wake myself up.” Xander explained his continually pinching his arm

“Well stop it, it looks strange!”

“What is going on?” Cordelia demanded, standing up, brushing the dust off her clothes

“I don’t know.” Angel replied “Buffy?”

“I don’t know either, I think Willow-”

That bloody witch!” Spike shouted, jumping dripping wet out of the well, assuming it was safe as Angel had remained un-dust. “Can’t she leave anything be? First she makes ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and I engaged, now this!” Spike panted “Bloody hell!”

“Spike?” Buffy questioned “Why are you panting? You don’t breathe.”

Angel gulped and answered for him “Buffy, he’s breathing, I think he’s... I’m... We’ve both turned human.” ‘Again’ he added silently.

Buffy stood up and stepped away from the group. She felt claustrophobic, yet she was in the middle of an open space. Angel was human. Buffy felt a wave of nausea pass through her mixed with feelings of dja vu and a sudden need for cookie dough fudge mint chip ice cream.

“Raise your hand if: weird.” she stated, trying to break the tension. Eight hands raised in the air.

Half an hour later, after some awkward introductions and reunions had taken place, the sun was beginning to set over the mountains and although due to Willow’s outburst it had been concluded they were in eighteenth century Spain, they had no idea how they had gotten there.

Buffy, ever the leader, took charge of the situation. “I guess we should stay here tonight, we don’t know where we are and Spike and Angel are weak...” Spike frowned at her “...er than usual. Ok Angel you had a look around, you figured their were maybe four bedrooms, so I think we should stick in two’s tonight. Y’know for protection...” Buffy looked toward Xander and Anya who were oblivious to everyone but each other and then at Spike and Faith who were already making eyes at each other “...And other stuff. Xander, you and Anya I guess will want to stick together.”

Xander smiled at Buffy “You know me so well.”

“I’ll go with Cordy” Doyle stood and put his arm around her “Protect her from that which goes bump in the night.” Cordelia rolled her eyes but didn’t move away from his grasp.

Faith stepped forward after hanging back, well aware about how they felt about her “I’ll go with blondie” She grinned at Spike “Looks like he’ll need a little protecting if he ain’t all ‘grrrrrr’.” Spike nodded his acceptance. He had no idea who the attractive brunette was as he’d skipped the introductions in favor of a smoke, but he had every intention of finding out.

Buffy looked at Angel “Looks like it’s you and me then.”

Buffy and Angel entered the large double-doored bedroom together, and Buffy gasped at the sheer luxury of it. The room was tastefully decorated with mahogany furniture and walls panels with lots of burgundy fabrics. The room smelled of wood and a freshness Buffy hadn’t encountered since her last visit to the countryside.

“Angel I don’t want to-” “Buffy I wanted to-” They spoke in unison. Angel smile apologetically “You go first.”

“Oooooook” Buffy started “Angel... This is kinda difficult, whenever I’m with you- When we’re together, it’s like I’m sixteen all over again. Like I love you and that’s all in the world that matters. And I like that feeling. I mean here I am: In Spain, God knows how we got here, but I’m ok with that... because I’m with you.” Angel smiled gently, urging her to go on. “And now you’re human, and you don’t seem that freaked or amazed by it which is weird because Spike was all ‘Bloody hell this’ and ‘Ohmigod that’ and here you are ‘Joe Acceptance’. Angel, you’re human... No curse...” Buffy stopped, she seemed embarrassed and a little shy. She sat down at the bottom, left hand corner of the bed curling the plush velvet comforter between her fingers. Buffy looked Angel in the eye “Don’t you want me?” She asked in a tiny voice.

All of a sudden she was seventeen again, and it was ‘the morning after the night before’ with Angel. “Was it me? Was I not... good?”. Three years on, Buffy was still terrified that Angel would torment her the way Angelus had. But instead of cruel words that had came in reply then, his answer was a kiss more intense than fire. Not the gentle, tender kiss he had bestowed upon he so many times before, this kiss was full of passion and need, a kiss she had only experience one time before on her seventeenth birthday. Pushing her back on the bed Angel gave her the love she had being longing for since the last time they had made love worshipping her body with his body, his heart and his soul.

Xander hurry up and takes your pants off. I’m horny and have over two hundred condoms as I visited the store today. They sell them in bulk.” Anya informed her boyfriend. Xander, ever the gentleman, was never one to turn down a lady’s wishes as he hastily complied in removing his pants.

Faith entered the bedroom she was sharing with Spike before him and unceremoniously flopped down onto the large bed “Hey!” Spike protested “Who says you get the bed?”

“Who says you don’t get the bed?” Faith smirked, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh” Spike joined her on the bed, lying down alongside her. “So, I missed the introductions, who are you?”

Faith grinned inwardly, her devious nature surfacing “ I could be anyone, have anyone. Even you Spike, I could ride you at a gallop until your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I’ve got muscles you’ve never even dreamed of, I could squeeze you ‘till you popped like warm champagne and you’d beg me to hurt you just a little bit more...”

Spike’s jaw dropped “Did I just hear you right?”

Faith smirked again “So you’re what? 130 years old? They say that hearing’s the second thing to go.”

Spike was intrigued “I see, and what exactly is the first?”

Faith didn’t say a word, she just let her gaze drift from his face, down his torso and settle on his crotch.

“Well let me assure you” Spike bragged confidently “That works perfectly.”

“I’m Faith... The vampire Slayer.”

Spike’s looked at her in awe, for someone with a soul she’d done a hell of a lot of catastrophic things in her day “Well, well, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Likewise.” She smiled lopsidedly “Although it was me who made that little speech in the Bronze last February, I switched bodies with B.”

Spike’s mouth made the perfect ‘O’ as he took in the information. After a moment’s thought he finally spoke. “So how ‘bout you show me how tight these muscles of yours are and I show you how everything of mine really is in working order?”

Faith laughed and wrapped her hands around Spike’s face, drawing his face closer to hers. Spike smashed his lips down against hers violently, loving the feel of her body against his. They broke apart when they heard a muffled scream from the next room.

Everyone entered the forth bedroom shared by Doyle and Cordelia in various states of dress. Angel was wearing nothing more than his emerald boxers, whilst Buffy had pulled a bedsheet around her naked body. Xander was wearing his baggy pants, although in his hurry he’s neglected to do up the fly and Anya was wearing her dress back-to-front. Spike’s shirt buttons were open half way down and Faith’s top was twisted around her torso beyond recognition. Only Doyle and Cordelia remained fully dressed.

“You’re a demon!?! You’re meant to tell people if you’re a demon!” Cordelia screeched at Doyle “How could you not tell me? Like I wouldn’t understand? I mean hello, I work for a vampire! What am I? Superficial?” Cordelia turned to Angel “How could he not tell me?”

Buffy butted in “I’m sorry, Angel is busy right now and as there is no slaying to be done at this moment in time, so am I. Adios.” Buffy grinned and dragged the willing Angel out of the room by the waistband of his boxers.

“Well...” Spike looked at Faith with lust-filled eyes “We’ll be off as well.”

“We’re gonna go have some more sex.” Anya remarked as she and Xander left the room, oblivious to the history between Xander and Cordelia.

“A demon!” Cordelia whined before she ‘eeeeeeeeeked’ as Doyle put his arms around her waist and kissed her deeply.

“Tea anyone?” Giles asked, walking out of the kitchenette into the lounge. He saw the amulet lying on the couch “Good lord! Willow, what in God’s name have you done this time?” Giles knelt down and put his arms around the sobbing red head on the floor.

“Giles I’m sorry...” she sobbed “I didn’t mean to...”

“ I know, I know” he comforted her “I need you to tell me exactly what happened.”

Tearfully she told him “How can I fix it?” Giles sighed as he removed his glasses and polished the lenses “I’m afraid you or I can do nothing, they will have to find the amulet themselves, wherever they are in time and wish themselves back. I can only hope that Angel or Spike will know of it. Perhaps even Anya might be able to help, but it could be awhile before they return.” Willow sighed unhappily.


Part Two

Buffy and Angel sauntered down the uneven stone staircase hand in hand the next morning and entered the small courtyard they had been thrust into the previous afternoon, to be blinded by the intense European sun. The other six were already sitting in their various couples under an orange tree, Angel and Buffy joined them. The group sat in silence for a few moments, savoring the taste of the fresh, organic oranges.

Spike, who liked ‘comfortable silences’ as much as he liked having hot pokers stabbed through him spoke up first. “So I’m guessing we all had a nice lot of shagging last night” he grinned “ I hope all you kiddies were safe.”

Anya, who’s favorite topic of discussion was sex smiled “Lucky for Xander, I am never without condoms. Plural. We had lots of sex last night.”

Buffy raised her eyebrows “We heard. Literally.”

Cordelia shifted in Doyle’s lap “Not that I don’t enjoy talking about Xander’s newly existing sex life” She grinned maliciously “But I would really like to get home sometime soon. How did we get here and how do we get home?”

“Well I know this is Willow’s doing” Buffy began “And I know she’d never do another ‘will be done’ spell, so I guess it was that necklace she was holding...”

Anya suddenly looked interested “What necklace? My necklace?”

“Bloody hell!” Spike sighed as he rolled himself and Faith onto the floor and started kissing her hungrily. Buffy, Angel, Doyle and Cordelia rolled their eyes whilst Xander and Anya argued about Anya’s previous ‘occupation’.

“Eh-hum.” Buffy coughed, in a bid to retrieve everyone’s attention, all but Spike and Faith listened. “This necklace thingy, it looked kinda old, y’know dirty gold color, and it was kinda oval shape with these little things...” Buffy gave up trying to describe it and drew it on the dirt floor.

After a few minutes of craning her neck, trying to decipher Buffy’s angle Anya smiled triumphantly “A-Ha!”

“That better be a good ‘a-ha’” Cordelia scolded. She was about to say something more when Doyle whispered soothingly to her and began stroking her hair.

“The amulet contains the gem of Holi-Hu.” Anya explained.

“I thought that never existed.” Angel interrupted.

“Of course it existed, how do you think we got here? Anyway, it’s Japanese in origin, some warlock made it to assist the Hun in defeating China but it was stolen...”

“By who?” Angel asked

“Me” Anya answered carelessly but after regarding there looks towards her, defended herself “Hey! I’m not a thieving vagrant! A woman wished for her ex-lover to be defeated in battle, he was a Hun so I took away the amulet and he was killed.”

“This is all very interesting” Buffy said impatiently “But how do we get home?”

“Oh that’s easy” Anya replied “ we just find the amulet win this time, which according to Willow’s wish is the 1700’s but before Angel was born so I think it’s probably very early on in the century which means the amulet is with me, in Greece.”

“So let me get this straight- the only reason Angel and Spike are human ‘cause in this time they haven’t been turned yet?” Buffy asked confused “And Doyle is still half demon because he was born that way?”

“Yes.” Anya confirmed.

“So when we get home Angel won’t be human?” Buffy whispered.

Anya smiled gently “As long as you specify when we wish to go back home that you want him to stay human he will. And you could wish he still had vampire strength or that he had no strength at all and you could make him follow you around on a leash all day or you could-”

Xander stopped her before she shared anymore of her disturbed thoughts “So how do we get this necklace?”

“Easy. We go to Greece and get it. But I can’t go because if I meet myself I will cause an inter dimensional implosion and the whole world will be sucked into hell.” Anya spoke happily as if she was ordering a McDonalds rather than describing the end of the world.

Cordelia laughed nervously “Easy she says.”

“So who’s going to go then?” Angel asked

“Well” Buffy started “Certainly not those two.” She indicated Spike and Faith making out, several meters away from everyone else. “And Xander won’t go without Anya...”

“We’ll go” Cordelia said unexpectedly

“We will?” Doyle asked

“Sure, our old maid, Peligia Skarlotas was Greek, she taught me a little, enough to get us by and I always wanted to visit.”

“Ok then” Buffy declared “You two can go then, you’ll need to get the details off Anya. I guess later we should find a town or something. Find someplace to get food and clean clothes.”

“I agree” Cordelia concluded “Doyle really needs re-outfitting.”

“Cordelia, this is 1700. Clothes are kinda different.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes “Anything is better than his clothes. And I use the term ‘clothes’ loosely.”

For the next few hours they continued to laugh, insult, end enjoy themselves feeling freedom they never thought possible, induced by the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.


Part Three

“My feet hurt.” Cordelia moaned.

Buffy rolled her eyes “We’ve only been walking twenty minutes and it’s been downhill all the way.”

After a lunch of fresh oranges, Buffy, Angel, Cordelia, Doyle, Faith and Spike had decided to walk and find the nearest town while Xander and Anya had opted to stay behind and ‘explore the villa’. Buffy figured that it meant they were gonna have sex in lots of places.

“Yes I know.” Cordelia continued to whine “But you’re wearing to trainers. I, on the more fashionable hand am wearing mules. And they hurt!” She said pointing to the once clean suede mules that were now covered with dust. “ARRRRGHHHHHHH” She screamed “Put me down!” she said half heartedly as Doyle picked her up and gave her a piggyback.

A further twenty minutes later, the group of six approached a small town, which the sign informed them was called Tossa Del Mar. “Beautiful town by the sea.” Angel translated.

“Twat” Spike muttered

“I think you’ll find my linguistic skills may be beneficial unless you want to live on oranges and wear exactly the same clothes until we get back home.”

Spike grunted back an insult and lit up a cigarette. His now living lungs retaliated and he started violently coughing. “Word to the wise” Angel said smugly “Smoking kills.”

“Sod off” Spike spluttered. Faith laughed and patted him on the back to stop him from choking.

Cordelia, who was now standing on her own to feet spoke up “How exactly do we buy clothes and food? We have no money.”

Buffy frowned, obviously the thought hadn’t crossed her mind.

“We could sell Buffy.” Spike suggested hopefully

“Spike, this is Spain, no Arabia. If we sold anything it’d be your dumb coat.” Buffy argued.

“That’s not such a bad idea” Angel agreed. Spike glared at him. “Not the coat, selling things like jewelry.” Buffy frowned and began twisting he claddagh ring on her finger “Unless it has sentimental value.” Angel added.

“Hola!” Angel began, speaking in fluent Spanish to the market stall holder.

“Hola.” The man replied, looking curiously at the group. Although Angel, Cordelia and Faith all had Mediterranean looks, their clothes looked odd and Buffy, Spike and Doyle looked very eccentric. “We have recently arrived here, and we need clothes and food but we have no money.”

“I’m sorry amigo, but I’m not a charity.”

“We do not need your charity” Angel continued, everyone oblivious to what he was saying “Only your trade. We have jewelry we are willing to sell.” Angel produced the small collection of gold and silver, rings, necklaces and bracelets and as he did his Rolex protruded from the cuff of his shirt.

“This I like.” the market stall holder told Angel, indicating his watch.

“S” Sighed Angel, removing his new watch, thinking that every time he turned human he lost his watch, it was worth it. “How much will you give me for it and the jewelry?”

“60,000 pesetas?”


“Done.” The portly man shook Angel’s hand as they exchanged money.

“So” Buffy asked, walking away from the stall How much did you sell all our stuff for?”

“About $350.”

Cordelia’s eyes widened in disgust “$350! Are you crazy? My stuff alone was worth that much!”

“Cordelia” Angel began soothingly “You have to remember; everything is so much cheaper in this time. $350 is a lot of money!”

“A lot of money you say” Cordelia echoed, smiling broadly.

After visiting the only clothes shop in the small town, Cordelia, Buffy and Faith emerged dressed in beautiful colored dresses, carrying wicker bags of clothes for Xander and Anya and also the guys who had vetoed the idea of clothes shopping in favor of searching for a tavern.

“I’m sorry, you guys” Faith started difficulty, apologizing didn’t come naturally to her. “I guess it doesn’t mean much to you, but I’m sorry... For everything.”

“It means everything” Buffy smiled gently “We all make mistakes... God knows I have...”

“Yeah” Cordelia joined in “I mean Angel gave up being human like a year ago and here he is again. I mean what was the point?”

“WHAT!?!?” Buffy demanded

“Oooops. I forgot you didn’t know about that... Just forget I said anything.” Cordelia smiled brightly and walked briskly ahead.

“Why is it,” Angel asked, his voice slurring from the alcohol that his now mortal body wasn’t used to coping with “That whenever I turn human I lose my watch?”

“Does everyone know about that but me?” Buffy screamed as she burst through the doors of the tavern. The air was thick and smelt of slate alcohol. Buffy’s voice stood out loud and clear in the near empty bar due to the mid-afternoon siesta.

“Buffy...” Angel sobered immediately at the sight of Buffy in the loose linen dress and woolen shawl, he’d never seen her look more beautiful. “Buffy, I was going to tell... I’m sorry...” he faltered.

“Yeah well I’m sorry too,” her voice cracked and the tears in her eyes streamed down her cheeks like salty rivers “Sorry I ever trusted you enough to...” Buffy sobbed, turned on her heels and ran out of the bar.

“Buffy!” Angel’s eyes filled with tears.

That evening, Angel stood waiting for Buffy under the orange tree. He had unwillingly come back to the villa, wanting to continue to search for Buffy but Cordelia and Doyle had convinced him otherwise. “She needs time to think.” Cordelia had told him “She’ll come and see you when she’s ready.”

But now Angel was beginning to worry. The sun had set over the mountains a long while ago and darkness was overtaken the villa. The only light came from some candles Cordelia had bought and the large crescent moon shinning brightly above him. It was cold aswell, with each breath he exhaled Angel could see the warm air from his lungs mingling with the cold. It was a new experience for him.

Angel let out a gasp and more warm air escaped his lips as Buffy crept up behind him, putting her arms around his waist and resting her head against his back. “Don’t turn around.” She whispered “Just tell me what happened.”

Angel gulped and began to tell her the story he had imagined telling her one hundred times. “It was at thanksgiving, when you came... The Mohra demon, I didn’t kill it the first time it came into my office - we fought... I injured it, it escaped into the sewers. We followed it, you told me you felt weird being around me, that you were heading to a pretty normal life that I was gone. You told me you missed me.”

“I did.” She whispered into his back.

“We decided to split, you went out of the sewers to search for it and I kept looking underground. I found it, we fought. Some of it’s blood mixed with mine. I killed, at least I though I killed it. It’s blood had regenerative properties. It made me mortal. I came and found you in Santa Monica and... and I kissed you. Then we went back to my apartment and had tea and crackers.”

Buffy raised her eyebrows questioningly

“Yeah tea and crackers” he laughed, then sobered “You told me you’d dreamt about that day happening a zillion times, that it was a real let down...”

“No Angel, I would never say that, you being alive has been-”

“Let me finish. I told you I didn’t want to rush back into things, I told you I was sorry I kissed you, I told you to go back home. You didn’t go. Two minutes later we... We broke most of my kitchen furniture.”

Buffy laughed “So we..?”

“Yeah, we did. We did a lot.”

Buffy laughed then quietened when he tensed in her embrace. “What happened?”

“Morha wasn’t dead, he regenerated, he came back bigger and stronger, he nearly killed me, I couldn’t protect myself. I went to the oracles, they’re my link to the Power’s That Be, and... and I asked them to turn me back.”

Buffy was furious “So what? You took a whole day to weigh the ups and downs of being a normal person and decided it was more fun being supervamp?”

Angel was astonished at how close what she had just said was to what she had said the first time he’d told her. ‘It’s just a coincidence’ he counseled himself ‘just reacting the same way to the same sitchuation.’

“You sacrificed what might have been our only shot at happiness for what? So that you could protect yourself? You needn’t have fought, you’d have been safe.” her shouting diminished to a barely audible whisper.

“Not just me. You. The oracles told me that you’d die if I remained mortal.”

Buffy began sobbing into his black shirt “You did it for me? You gave up your redemption for me?”

Angel turned in her arms to look her in the eye “Buffy, knowing your alive, that your happy, it makes me feel whole. If you died... I couldn’t go on without you...” Angel too was crying by this point. Bitter, unshed tears streaked salty rivers down his face. He buried his face in her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her waist. “The oracles took back the day” he whispered into her blonde hair which shone silver in the moonlight. “I got back to my apartment just in time to say goodbye. I told you what was going to happen... You cried.”

“I guess I felt about a hundred times worse than I do now.” She sobbed.

“You were so upset. I-I nearly couldn’t do it... nearly let the day happen over again.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked, her fingers curled around the tear soaked fabric of his shirt.

“You said you’d never forget. If you couldn’t remember what happened... I didn’t want to upset you... You promised you’d never forget.” Angel’s tear filled eyes had dried up. He had played that day over in his head, cried because of it thousands of times- he had no more tears left.

Buffy gulped “I licked cookie dough fudge mint chip ice cream off your chest.” She choked in-between sobs. Angel stiffened in her embrace. How had she known? He hadn’t told her; he’d wanted to recreate that moment another time without the bitter tears hanging over them. “How did you..?”

“I never forgot... I didn’t think it was real, I dreamt about it constantly, but it was so vivid...”

“Shhhh” Angel whispered as he tucked her blonde head beneath his chin and held her closer to him. “I’ll never let go. I’ll never let go. I’ll never let go...” She whispered like a mantra “I’ll never let go.”


//I’ll remember you

You will be there in my heart

I’ll remember you

That is all that I can do

But I’ll remember//


They stood in each other’s warm embrace until their eyes dried and the cool night air began to make them shiver. Buffy untucked herself from Angel’s strong arms, taking him by the hand as she led him upstairs.

“Buffy, maybe we shouldn’t...” Angel began, but was silenced by her kiss as she pushed him back onto the bed. Her nimble fingers sought out his zipper, eager for him to be inside her and wash away all the tears she had cried.

“Buffy stop!” Angel commanded as he grabbed her wrists and held her hands above her head. “Angel please, I need you...” she pleaded.

“Buffy, I don’t think we should. I don’t want to get back to Sunnydale and have to explain to Giles... Or your Mother that your pregnant...”

“Shhhh... We’ll deal with that if we have to, right now I need to deal with you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t” She put a silencing finger to his lips “Just make love to me.”

Angel sighed, what man could resist her pleas and musky feminine scent? He moved his mouth over to completely cover hers, his fingers reaching down to remove her clothing.

Their love making was slow and tender, each acknowledging that there was no more secrets or heartache between them, no more bitter tears to be shed.

“I love you.”


Part Four

Buffy looked up at Angel’s sleeping face and smiled. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d been any happier than she was at the moment; Lying in a Spanish villa in the arms of her lover. Angel stirred in his sleep and his grip on her tightened. His light snoring stopped and gave way to muttered words “... No one will know but me... It never happened...” Buffy shook Angel to wake him up. His eyes fluttered open, filled with tears and sleep. Buffy stoked her hand along his cheek. “You were dreaming.”

Angel snuggled closer to his lover “Sorry baby.”

“’S ‘K”

An hour later the couple emerged from their bedroom to see Spike and Faith arguing. Buffy shot Angel a look and they hurried down the stairs.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Faith snarled.

“It means exactly what you think it means luv.” Spike answered, looking her straight in the eye. The couple stood in the middle of the hallway, barely dressed, in grim silence. Both faces set in grim determination. Spike gave up the predatory stance and looked at her hopefully “You wanna go shag some more?”

Faith shrugged her shoulders “Sure.”

“You guys seen Faith or Spike this morning?” Doyle asked Buffy and Angel as they entered the courtyard whilst he grilled fish on an open fire the fish cooked in a way only Doyle could do so. The air was fresh and intoxicating, not muggy and humid like the previous few days. Buffy felt like she could finally breathe. “Coz they’re gonna miss breakfast.” Continued Doyle.

“They were arguing a minute ago.” Buffy answered, sitting down as she filleted her salmon.

“Which probably means,” Xander added “That they’re up there right now having wild monkey sex.” The group laughed. Even Angel. Buffy had never seen him looking so good; his smile (which she had seen only a few times before) lit up his entire face; his shaving wasn’t perfect as result of 18th century razors which meant he had a few nicks on his cheek making him looking both adorable and slightly dangerous at the same time; the few days in the sun and was already beginning to make his skin bronze.

“Cordelia,” Buffy asked politely “When do you and Doyle leave for Greece?”

“Well the trip takes ‘bout a month or so, so we need to leave as soon as possible. There’s a ship leaving Lloret Del Mar this afternoon, we’ll have to walk into that nearby town and then catch a coach or something.”

“How long will this take? Coz I really wanna go home” Xander asked annoyingly

“Well,” Anya began “It’ll be at least two months, one month to get there and one to get back, and I don’t know how long to find the amulet, maybe three months max.”

“Three months!” Buffy exclaimed “My mom is going to kill me” She groaned and flopped into Angel’s lap.

“Well no one will notice I’m missing, I don’t speak to my parents.” Xander said “Anya is parentless, so is Spike, Faith... Well Faith’s mom never really gave a shit... What about you Cordy? Doyle?”

“I haven’t spoke to my parents since graduation.” Cordelia told her ex-boyfriend with a hint of melancholy in her voice.

“Same here” Doyle agreed “Ain’t spoken to the folks back home since I crossed the Atlantic.”

“Great!” Buffy muttered sarcastically “The only people who will miss us are Giles, Will, my Mom and Dawn.” Buffy carefully avioded mentioning Riley.

“Ta-Da!” Faith did a little twirl as she entered the courtyard a little before noon wearing a bandeau style top and matching short skirt in burgundy fabric.

“Faith, where did you..?” Buffy asked puzzled.

“Oh well I figured the clothes we bought yesterday were, I dunno, a little concealing for my taste. I mean don’t get me wrong, they look five by five on you girls...”

“We get it” Cordelia smiled tightly “Clothes aren’t clothes on you unless they reveal cleavage.”

Buffy chuckled as she ducked behind Angel.

“I think she looks bloody smashing.” Spike grinned as he stepped up behind Faith, putting his arms around her uncovered waist and resting his chin on her bare shoulder.

Buffy cocked an eyebrow “so it’s safe to say you guys have made up?”

“Oh yeah” Spike answered “We’re very made up” Spike rubbed his hips against Faith’s backside, a getsure which nobody missed.

Buffy, Angel, Xander, Anya, Faith and Spike waved Cordelia and Doyle off as they set off in a horse-drawn carriage. Buffy and Anya were wearing attire similar to Faith’s garments although theirs were a little more concealing. Cordelia had been forced to wear traditional 18th century costume. “You want to fit in don’t you?” They had chorused.

“With him? Are you kidding?” She’d pointed to Doyle “Pffttt!”

The now considerably smaller group slowly meandered along the cobblestone streets aimlessly. “So B’s and G’s, what ya wanna do now?” Asked Faith, trying to regain her composure after she had tripped on a loose stone as a result of wearing ridiculously high stiletto heels.?

“I say we hit the beach.” Xander suggested

“Yeah sure, Angel needs to tan a little” Buffy agreed.

They arrived at the beach and, as it was Sunday, it was empty. Faith settled down in the silky soft sand immediately whilst Buffy hopped around on the hot sand “OW! Ow! Hot! Hot!” She exclaimed. The sun was burning down on the sand, hot enough to turn it to glass.

Five minutes after the ex-vampires, slayers and then some had settled down in their respective couples, Faith-who was lying on her back, began to undress. “Faith!” Buffy asked, choking with surprise “What are you doing?”

“What?” She asked innocently “This is the first time I’ve seen the sunlight in nine months- I don’t want any tan lines. Besides Spike and Xander have seen it all before and your boy is too rapped up in you to even notice. And if you and demon lady over there don’t like it... Tough shit.” she said defiantly, crossing her arms over her naked breasts, before lying back on the sand completely naked bar a very skimp bikini. Spike looked Faith up and down “It’s not such a bad idea actually pet, I might try it myse-”

“Don’t even think about it blondie!” Buffy squeaked in terror.

“What?” Spike asked, repeating Faith’s earlier look of innocence “Scared you’ll see something you like?”

“As if.” Angel answered for her, his tone was jovial but his eyes sent Spike a look that contradicted the light-hearted note in his voice. Spike recognized the look his sort-of-sire sent him and settled back-fully dressed, in the sand next to Faith who appeared to be dozing in the sand.

Anya hit Xander sharply. “Hey!” He exclaimed “What was that for?!?”

“You were looking at her” Anya hissed jealously, indicating Faith’s nearly nude body

“Well Gee Anya, I’m sorry if I have eyes!” he replied sarcastically.

“You never look at me like that.” she pouted.

“I would if you were naked right now.” he joked.

“Fine.” Anya stood up, completely unembarrassed and divested herself of the dress she was wearing leaving just a pair of skimpy panties. “Anya!” Xander squealed, astonished “I didn’t mean-”

“Well, well,” Spike interrupted, leering at Anya appreciatively.

“Hey!” Xander said possessively, moving closer to Anya who had sat down beside him.

Buffy raised her hands in exasperation “No one told me this was a nudist beach!”

“Well you can strip off too slayer.” Spike suggested hopefully. “It’s not as if Angel and me ain’t seen it all before.” Angel’s eyes widened in horror but Spike continued “The only one that’ll care is Xander- unless you too have been up to something that I don’t know about.”

“Spike, shut up!” she half pleaded, half insisted “I will not be stripping and that is final.” Anya scowled at the fact that Xander look a little disappointed.

“Buffy when did you and he..?” Angel asked jealously, unable to finish his question. Buffy looked at Anya for assistance who only shrugged in response “I-I-I-I... We didn’t... y’know.” she stuttered, blushing feverantly. Spike positively beamed at the slayer’s discomfort, while Xander looked away disgusted. Anya and Faith looked interested, obviously Faith’s attraction to Spike was nothing more than physical as she was not acting at all jealous. Spike smirked “Oh you should have seen her, she was all over me, her body wriggling down on the bed, begging for me to go down on her ‘Spike! I love you! Please Spike! Now Spike, please, I need you!’” Spike imitated Buffy’s voice, glowering in Angel’s obvious discomfort “Was gonna aswell, then her bloody watcher walked into the soddin’ fridge and nearly broke his arm.” Faith and Anya began to laugh before sending Buffy apologetic looks.

“I-er-It wasn’t... It was Willow!” Buffy continued to blush.

Angel’s chocolate brown eyes widened in curious shock “You had a threesome with Willow and Spike?!?!”

Spike howled with laughter.

“God no! Will cast this spell and it went wrong and Spike and me ended up engaged. I swear I would never have done it otherwise.”

Angel smiled gently, the one he used to smile. The smile that said ‘I’m not happy but I’ll try because I love you.’ “I believe you.”

After a moments silence, interrupted only by the giggles that continued to plague Spike, Angel spoke again “I’m going for a swim.”

Buffy looked up anxiously at him “I’ll come too.”

The couple who had experienced more pain and heartache in four years than most felt in forty years walked hand in hand across the beach and up to the sea front leaving the group of ‘friends’ laughing behind them. Buffy waded into the cool water until it reached her bronzed knees. Deciding she didn’t want to walk back to the villa from the beach in wet clothes she threw proverbial caution to the proverbial wind and shed her clothes, throwing them onto the sand, ignoring the wolf-whistles coming from Spike further up the beach. Angel stared at Buffy, astonished at her audacity in front of Xander and especially Spike, but then followed her in suit, removing his linen shorts and chasing her into the water, the salty water splashing into his mouth and eyes.

The couple swam out to see in a relaxed, enjoyable, nameless stroke. As soon as they were far out enough to see that they believed their actions wouldn’t be spotted by the group of so called friends on the beach, Buffy and Angel swam close together.

Angel kissed Buffy long and slow, the heat emanating from his lips as intense of the burning afternoon sun “Angel.” Buffy whispered as they broke apart, their bodies still touching “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Spike, I didn’t think it was important...”

“Sshhhh” he whispered before taking her hand and urging her to swim with him. She stopped him, grabbing him by the arm and forcing him to look at her, kicking her feet underneath herself to stop from sinking. “Angel, you can’t just ignore this. There have been other men in my life since you left.” She told him gently

“Like Riley?” he challenged

“Yes like Riley. God Angel, are you jealous of him? You are aren’t you? You should know that what I had with him is nothing compared with what we have.”

“I know that.” he smiled but then his face darkened “Were you still dating him when we arrived here?”

Buffy ambient features froze “Technically no, it’s like 1700, he isn’t even born yet.”

Angel scowled “Buffy I’m serious.”

“So am I.” She laughed “Ok, ok. Yes I was still dating him but I promise as soon as we get home I’ll dump him.”

Angel sent her a questioning look.

“OK,” she grinned “Maybe not the first. The second, third, no wait, the hundredth thing I’ll do after we’ve had lots and lots and lots of nice, hot, passionate sex. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good.” They both laughed and the tensely charged air around them cleared.

“There’s a private looking beach over there” Buffy smiled at her lover, “looks secluded, what do you say?”

Angel smiled and caught her hand in his own and pulled her toward the private beach.

“Wonder what they’re up to?” Spike asked sarcastically.

“Give ya three guesses and they sure ain’t going for no picnic in the park.” Faith laughed as they watched Buffy and Angel swim out to sea, watched them kiss, watched them argue, watch them swim off to a private bay out of sight.

“So much for Captain Cardboard.” Spike sighed in mock sadness.

Angel lay on his back on the beach, propped up on his lower arms watching Buffy swimming towards him. His stroke was faster, more powerful than hers and he had reached the beach before her.

Angel gasped at the sight in front of him as Buffy emerged from the water like a beautiful sea nymph arriving on land. Her hair hung dark and loose as she shook the water out of it, her tanned perfect body glistened as sunlight reflected off the tiny drops of sea water clinging to her.

“’Love you.” Angel smiled as he walked toward his glittering mermaid. He looked at her as if he were seeing her for the first time, before taking her in his arms and kissing her passionately. “’Love you too.” She murmured as they broke apart. Buffy looked around cautiously “No one will see us will they?”

Angel shook his head. The beach was small and secluded, hidden by 50ft cliffs on every side. “And to be honest” he smile “I don’t care. I love you Buffy Summers and I don’t care who knows.” Angel took Buffy’s body in his arms and gently lowered her into the sand. The sand felt warm-but not hot, against her wet body but all thoughts of hot and cold sand were abandoned as Angel’s lips descended on hers.

“Now I don’t even want to know what they’re doing.” Xander remarked as he and Spike heard a feminine voice screaming out the heavenly name of her lover. “Going for a swim my ass.” Spike exclaimed “Going for a shag more like.”

Buffy laid in Angel’s arms staring into his chocolate eyes whilst he stared back. Neither felt uncomfortable, both perfectly content. “We better get back soon.” she murmured

“We really should.” he answered, not moving a muscle except his lips to kiss her again.

Two hours later Faith spotted their heads, followed by the shoulders emerge from the water. Angel stood up, the water lapping around his waist whilst Buffy hung back in the slightly deeper water, apparently still unwilling to bear all- tough shit- Faith though, amused.

“Angel?” Buffy asked confused, “Where are all of our clothes?”

Angel looked around and sure enough their clothes, which they had abandoned on the sand, had disappeared. Angel looked further up the beach where Spike stood waving their clothes around like beacons. “Shit.” Angel muttered. Buffy followed his annoyed gaze and her face fell in disbelief when she saw Spike.

Spike walked closer to the couple who were now shivering in the water, although he himself has stayed on the dry sand.

Spike smirked maliciously “How badly d’you want your clothes back slayer?”

“Spike.” Angel warned.

“Bugger off you twat.”

“Spike.” Buffy said in what she hoped was an authoritative voice “Give them back!”

“Maybe.” he grinned.

“Maybe! Maybe?” Buffy shrieked “Please Spike.” she said desperately.

“that’s better, now you sound like your old ‘loving me’ self.”

Buffy ignored him and yelled up the beach “Xander? Anya? Help! Faith- you’ve always been like a sister to me- please?” But none of her so called friends came to her aid, instead they continued laughing. “You do realize,” Buffy said conversationally “That when I get my clothes back I’m gonna kick your ass back into the 21st century.”

“Now as I was saying, the only way I give you your rags back is if you” he pointed to Buffy “Do a handstand.”

“A handstand?” she asked puzzled.

“Yes a handstand. Right here on the sand next to me.”

“Fuck you!” Buffy replied, unimpressed.

“If you really want to.” Spike grinned and wiggled his eyebrows seductively.

“Buffy, we don’t have to...” Angel started, backing into the slightly deeper water where Buffy stood shivering. “I’m really going to regret this.” She muttered to herself as she strode into the shallower water and onto the beach, a scarlet blush covering her face.

Spike stood gobsmacked as Buffy strode towards him like a tiger ready to pounce. Xander’s, Anya’s and Faith’s howls of laughter stopped as Buffy - who was still very much naked- walked up to Spike as though she was about to seduce him.

Angel watched from the sea- intrigued as to what his lover was about to do. Although he trusted her completely he couldn’t help the pang of jealousy that tugged at his heart.

Buffy stepped closer to Spike, so close she could feel his sharp gasps of breath on her face. God, she was actually making Spike - worshipper of all things kinky - nervous. She smiled sweetly and leaned in closer as if she was about to kiss him. Her sweet smile turned into a sardonic grin as she moved her mouth away from his, whilst raising her leg and kneeing him between his legs. Buffy then raised her leg - completely shame free and kicked his jaw. Spike howled in pain as he fell to the floor - too much in pain to enjoy the view she was giving him. The trio up the top of the beach fell about laughing once again.

Buffy continued to pummel Spike with swift kicks and hard punches to all areas of his body. Angel watched from the water, his expression full of admiration: her tan, powerful body moving with grace and strength, sensuality and power seeping from every pore.

When Buffy finally appeared satiated she casually picked up and Angel’s abandoned clothes and began to dress herself, passing Angel his clothes as he emerged from the water.

Spike groaned and stood up to find a fully dressed, angry looking slayer “You fucking bitch!” he yelled at her “That hurt!”

“Damn it.” Buffy smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand sarcastically “I meant it to tickle.” Angel chuckled at his sort-of-childe’s obvious discomfort. “Well now you know what it feels like to be a victim. I hope in future you will never kill someone.” Buffy pointed out like a parent teaching a disobedient child a lesson before she started walking up the beach. Angel followed, still smiling.

“Nice going B’” Faith smiled, now fully dressed.

“I should really kick your ass for not helping us any.” Buffy remarked warningly.

“Oh please don’t.” Anya pleaded “Xander doesn’t need another display of you kicking ass nakedly.” Buffy began to blush which only invoked more laughing.

“Well I’m glad to see someone’s having a jolly old time.” Spike said sarcastically as he stumbled up the beach.

”Oh poor baby.” Faith comforted him with mock sympathy as she stood up to help Spike walk.

“Come on.” Anya started as she finished dressing herself “I want to go home.”

Faith and Spike arrived back at the villa shortly after everyone else as after fifteen minutes of Spike’s continual moaning Faith had picked him up and given him a fireman’s lift home.

“You know,” he pointed out furiously “I could have walked.”

“Sure you could, and you’d still be limping up that hill. ALONE!” she retorted as she spun on her heel and stomped up the stairs. “That’s not tru-” he gave up as he hobbled after her.

Spike entered the bedroom and flopped down on the bed, hissing in pain.

“You are not sleeping with me tonight!” Faith yelled.

“Well I’m not sleeping on the fucking floor.” Spike shouted back “I’m the one in pain. You didn’t even try to stop her - you just laughed, you...” Spike’s words stopped as he tried to get up but failed and he rolled back down on the bed, blinking back tears forming in his eyes.

“Lie back down.” Faith urged gently, her tone soft yet aggressive. Faith sat down on the bed next to him and began to wash a bloody gash on his forehead with warm water. “Ow! Stop that! It hurts!” he squirmed in pain, so Faith renounced bathing that wound in favor of another. “Ow! You bitch, stop hurting me!” Spike moaned, unused to the pain human bodies were prone to. Faith threw down the cloth in temper “Well where the hell doesn’t it hurt?” she demanded angrily.

“Here.” he mumbled, pointing to his left ear lobe. Gently Faith bent down and kissed it, her warm, full lips soothing his pain. “Here.” he indicated his navel. Her tongue trailed his body, kissing him tenderly until she reached his navel. “Here.” His lips. Faith kissed him tenderly, yet still brimming with passion, the pain in his body slowly clearing as Faith’s talented mouth began to massage him.

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