Out Of Order

Out Of Order

by Kim

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This takes place a few years after Sanctuary, TYF never happened and B/A haven't spoken since. Buffy and a human Angel find themselves in the same elevator during a power cut .
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them, I don't want them, they make me cry too much. Joss and his people do the owning thing
SPOILERS: Sanctuary
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DEDICATION: Rosi and Deirdre. Simply the best.

Buffy was hot, tired and frustrated. Even after a long day's shopping she still hadn't found the *right* dress, it was so annoying because she knew exactly what it would look like.

**Black, very short and it would cling to her body like a second skin**

Buffy smiled at that thought, knowing that when she wore a dress like that she would look a million dollars even if she didn't feel like it. She would flirt, tease and torment as she moved slowly round the dance floor, gyrating her body seductively in time with the music.

On nights like these, Buffy would close her mind to the present and lose herself in long forgotten fantasies. The bewitched young men of Sunnydale would watch her every movement with lust filled eyes until they were in serious danger of combusting.

Buffy would smile into their faces and dance in their arms but she never really saw them.

Over the last two years only one thing had stayed the same in Buffy's life, at the end of the night she would always go home, alone.

Miserable and lonely, Buffy Anne Summers would cry herself to sleep just as she had every night for the last two years, ever since the day she first learned about Angel's humanity.

** Oh, what a fool she had made of herself that day ** Buffy still shivered at the memory.

She had been so stupid. Believing Angel would still want her after all that time was ridiculous, especially after the way she had treated him.

**Maybe, the reason she had believed he still loved her was because deep down in her heart she still loved him, would always love him** sadly Buffy had taken too much for granted.

**The man that had once told her he couldn't move on, that he would love her forever had moved on just fine. As soon as humanity had knocked on Angel's door he had jumped at the chance of a wonderful new life, complete with a new lover **

**Oh, how Cordelia had enjoyed springing that little surprise on her **

On hearing that Angel had been granted his humanity, Buffy headed straight to LA to see him, only to have her dreams of a blissful reunion cruelly smashed.

** Get over it, Buffy. Angel has. He's looking forward now to a great new life with somebody who really cares about him; Angel has made it perfectly clear he doesn't want to look back. So go back to your boytoy, Buffy. There's nothing here for you anymore.** The words had been a real slap in the face then and even after two years they were still so clear.

Buffy waited for the elevator doors to slide back and walked in. She placed her heavy bag on the floor and reached out to push the button for the basement.

" Wait" a male voice called out and slipped between the closing doors.

Still focusing on the control panel Buffy casually asked " Which floor"

She then looked up and received the shock of her life.


" Hello, Buffy. It's been a long time"

For the longest time Buffy and Angel just stood staring at each other in awkward silence. Buffy was the first one to move as she turned her head back to the line of flashing buttons on the wall. Her shaking finger once more pressed the button marked basement and the elevator started it's desent. One by one the floors passed by without a word being spoken.

Buffy had just about given up hope that Angel would ever speak when the elevator shuddered and the lights went out, leaving then in total darkness. Her startled cry was cut short as the emergency lighting cut in.

" Looks like you broke it" Angel teased, trying to break the tension between them.

" Story of my life" Buffy muttered to herself and then reluctantly turned to face her ex lover.

**Even after two years of humanity he still looked exactly the same**

" This is just great, the hottest day on record and I get stuck in here" Buffy resisted saying the last part of her thought **Stuck in here with you** she reflected bitterly.

Angel walked over and tried pressing the buttons, when that didn't work he tried to force open the doors, but they were stuck tight. Angel then picked up the emergency telephone and called for help.

" Well?" Buffy asked anxiously as the heat in the enclosed room increased by the second.

" Anything up to three hours, there's been a major power cut all over the city so we might as well make ourselves comfortable" Angel removed his jacket and sat down on the floor.

For the next thirty minutes they talked about every unimportant issue under the sun. Willow, Xander and Cordelia were discussed to death. They questioned the state of the economy and finally brought up the weather.

" Well, now that we've covered the world in general how about we talk about us?" Angel asked out of the blue.

" There's no us" Buffy snapped a little too quickly, the increasing heat was making her more then a little jumpy.

" Maybe we should talk about why there's… "

" NO. I don't want to talk about it" Buffy interrupted, pulling herself to her feet she moved and stood against the farthest wall.

" Leave the past where it belongs, Angel. In the past." she replied bitterly looking away from him, Buffy's eyes roamed the elevator walls looking for distractions, anything to stop her looking at Angel.

"What's wrong with you?" Angel demanded getting to his feet as well.

" Nothing's wrong with me, I'm just peachy" the sarcastic tone in her voice told him otherwise.

They stood staring at each other, one in anger the other in confusion. Angel just couldn't understand Buffy's sudden change of attitude

" Peachy? You could have fooled me"

"Not hard to do" came back the childish reply.

" This is ridiculous, " Angel shouted. Feeling like a caged animal he paced around the small area as best he could.

" Why are you so angry? I don’t understand. If anybody should be angry it's me" he demanded turning to face her.

" You! That’s rich. What the hell have you got to be mad about" Buffy demanded right back.

On hearing that statement Angel's temper finally got the better of him

" EVERYTHING, Buffy. Everything. You said you'd be my girl always, you said all you ever wanted was me, you promised you'd never forget, you lied."

Buffy had never seen Angel so angry; it was so unexpected. She had always believed she was the only bitter one in this relationship and now it seemed she was wrong.

" You told me to move on" Buffy defended herself

"For your sake, not mine"

" And now you're pissed at me because I did just that? You shoved me straight into Riley's arms"

" Riley" Angel spat the word in disgust.

" It's what you said you wanted for me, it's what you deserved for leaving me" years of bitterness flowed out.

"What did I deserve, Buffy? Did I deserve to know how much you trusted him?.....Did I deserve to know how much you loved him? You made it very clear you loved him more then you ever loved me. Is that what I deserved to know?" Angel didn't give her time to answer.

" But the worst part was I didn't just know it, Buffy. I felt it. I knew every time that bastard took your body. I felt every kiss, every caress, and every orgasm. I feel you, remember? I always did."

Buffy gasped at the pain that was reflected in Angel's now human eyes, pain she herself had put there. Her heart broke at the suffering on her ex lover's face.

Angel lowered his eyes, suddenly ashamed by his loss of control; he never wanted Buffy to know these feelings.

** Angel ** Buffy's heart beat so fast she thought she was hyperventilating.

**How could he have believed the bitter rantings of an immature, stupid girl?...How could he have believed she loved and trusted Riley more?** Because she had told him, that's why. Buffy cursed her own stupidity.

She longed to wipe out all those feelings from his memory and replace them with something new, something real.

**Angel needed to be reminded of her true feelings**

On that thought Buffy slowly walked forward.

" Angel"

He didn't get a chance to look up before being slammed into the wall, Buffy pushed her hot body right up against his.

Electricity sparked between them sending jolts through both their bodies. Buffy reached up and tilted his face down towards her.

" I want you to forget those feelings and feel this"

Angel opened his eyes in shock

" Every kiss" she whispered and softly kissed his mouth washing away any thoughts of Riley from both their heads.

Angel didn't move.

" Every caress" she slid her hand over his chest, down his stomach and onto his groin.

Angel closed his eyes again as his heart raced against his rib cage.

She then slowly lowered the zip on his jeans and slipped her hand inside, softly stroking his warm flesh she raised her mouth to his ear.

" Every orgasm" Buffy panted as her breathing became laboured.

Angel was lost, her tiny hand stroked his hard erection until he was throbbing in unbearable pain.

"You're such a bitch " he cried but made no attempt to move away

" Angel, please. Just once." She ran her tongue over his warm lips

I want to know what it could have been like if we hadn't thrown it all away." Buffy's large hazel eyes bore into his very soul.

Angel found it impossible to speak so he just nodded his head in agreement.

This was the only sign Buffy needed; she was then completely over- taken by her need for this incredible man. Dropping onto her knees she slowly dragged his jeans down with her, releasing Angel's erection.

Buffy moved her head forward and took him between her lips, pulling back the foreskin she lashed her tongue around the rigid shaft.

Angel leaned his head back against the elevator wall in pure ecstasy as Buffy engulfed him.

She sucked hard, taking at least half of him into her warm mouth. Angel groaned. When her small hands slipped below and caressed his balls, Angel almost growled.

Buffy used her whole mouth to bring Angel as much pleasure as she possibly could, every moan or sigh helped wipe away the pain in his beautiful eyes.

She slowly licked her way along the shaft and then returned to sucking in a firm motion, her soft lips gliding up and down with ease.

Angel groaned louder. He knew he was close to spilling when his cock started twitching.

" Buffy" he pulled her head away.

Buffy fought to get him back inside her mouth, her eyes lost in a haze of lust.

"No, baby. Inside, I need to be inside"

Buffy nodded, smiled and lay back on the floor holding her arms out to him. Angel dropped to his knees and struggled out of his jeans.

" Let's get your clothes off too " he whispered urgently pulling at her skirt.

Angel positioned himself directly above her welcoming entrance; Buffy was so wet he slipped in with ease filling her small body almost to bursting point. Buried to the hilt, Angel took a deep breath and savoured the moment.

After what seemed like an eternity Buffy arched her hips letting her lover know how desperately she needed movement.

Angel smiled and withdrew. Now he was the one delivering the pleasure, he wanted to hear Buffy sigh and moan; he needed to hear her cry *his* name lost in blinding passion.

Buffy was still too impatient, she slid her hands around his naked hips and pulled him down hard as she trust up to meet him.

" Not so fast " Angel smiled; he wanted this feeling to last forever.

He pushed in slightly and then withdrew, sending an avalanche of pleasure over both their bodies. Buffy whimpered as he pushed deeper and once again withdrew.

Each movement sent Buffy's mind screaming, her soul protested at the loss and then celebrated the return. Her fingers gripped into his back as the sensations washed over her in mind consuming waves.

Angel found her warm moist lips and slid his tongue deep inside her mouth; his passionate kiss imitated the movement of their lower bodies.

" AngelAngelAngel" Buffy continued to softly moan his name with each stoke Then, when the pleasure became almost pain, she threw her head back and cried out as the universe exploded into an ecstasy of coloured madness leaving her feeling utterly complete for the first time in years. Angel thrust one more time collapsing on top of her as his body found it's own release.

They lay in each other's arms, both trembling and covered in a light layer of perspiration. Neither spoke a word as they waited for their bodies came down to earth.

Buffy turned and kissed his chest

" I can hear your heart" her voice quivered, she had prayed for that sound longer then she cared to remember.

A wonderful smile crossed Angel's handsome features.

" I'm still getting used to it myself, never heard it beat quite like that before " he tilted her face to his.

" Hello, Buffy. It's been a long time" Angel repeated his earlier greeting.

" Hello, Angel. It's been far too long" she smiled lost in his eyes this time.

They continued to just lie there smiling at each other, both lost in their own thoughts and dreams.

"What will you tell Riley?" Angel finally asked bringing reality crashing down.

" I haven't seen Riley in two years, not since I found out you were human. He gave me an ultimatum, him or you...... he must have died laughing when I picked you and you didn't want me" Buffy's voice trembled as her most hated memory raised it's ugly head.

" I've always wanted you, Buffy. You hurt me so much with that Riley speech, more then you'll ever know. I was so angry, so bitter I think I just wanted to hurt you back. I told Cordelia that I never wanted to see you again and if you ever showed up at the office she was to put you off once and for all. I don't think I ever really believed that I would become human in your life time, and then it just happened so quickly." Angel still found it hard to believe that he had truly been forgiven for the crimes committed by the demon.

"In all the excitement I completely forgot about telling Cordelia to keep you away from me. When she told me about your visit and how she had lied to you and sent you packing I knew I'd made the wrong decision. But when I called you to explain you just wished me luck with my new life and hung up dismissing me….when did it all go so wrong? Buffy, when did we lose sight of how much we love each other?"

Their eyes locked and the high walls of bitterness and misunderstanding that had stood between them for the last two long years shattered

Angel moved in to kiss her again but the moment was interrupted by the sound of whirling machinery as the elevator kicked into life

" Oh, this could get really embarrassing" Buffy laughed and reached for her clothes.

They dressed in lightning speed, giggling like small children caught doing something naughty. Angel pulled himself into his jeans and spun Buffy around to fasten her top, taking just enough time to kiss her neck,

The elevator jolted and the control panel flashed as the re start mechanisms came on.

" I've a strange feeling I'm missing something" Buffy mused straightening her hair. Angel laughed and passed over her bra.

" Hey! Were you keeping it as a souvenir? " She laughed swiping the garment and hiding it in her bag.

Angel suddenly looked very serious.

" I was hoping to keep something a lot more important. Buffy, I was hoping to keep you" he carefully watched her reaction.

" Buffy, I love you. Remember *always*" He quickly added just in case she doubted the sincerity of his words.

Buffy reached up and threw her arms around his neck.

" I remember and I love you too " she whispered into his ear " And I'll never forget that again"

When the elevator door finally opened the sight of two lovers deeply engrossed in the most passionate kiss he had ever seen greeted an extremely surprised maintenance man

The kindly man grinned at the sweethearts and re-closed the doors. He completely ignored the crowd behind him waiting to use the elevator, knowing somethings in life were more important.

He then picked up a small sign and stuck it across the entrance

The sign read.


And that's how it stayed for the rest of the day.