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Author: Mexx

Rating: PG

Summary: Angel's thoughts about Buffy, kinda post IWRY.

Distribution: My site, LoD, anyone else, just ask.

Authors notes: This is a sappy little nothing fic that I wrote when I realized that I am in love so just excuse the crappiness of it.

When I look at her, I am astounded at the power she possesses, not just the strong, lithe body, not just the strength of her emotions to push herself on when she feels like dying, but the power she has to shine her light into my darkness.

Her beautiful light shouldn’t even touch my gloomy world but instead it glows into the dimmest corners, the flames of her ever burning candle of hope licking at my soul, warming and lightening me.

She is the sunlight that I long for, every kiss and whispered caress across by skin burns my heart. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

We shouldn’t even have met, I should have died two hundred years before her birth, but fate intervened and I continued to exist, my demon wreaking its darkness onto everyone who crossed its path. When my soul was returned I cowered in the protective blanket the darkness covered me with.

Finally I ventured into the light that shone from her, hanging back so as not to cast a shadow on her, but like a moth to a flame, I couldn’t stay away from her intoxicating brightness and before I could stop myself I was trapped in her shimmering aura.

I once craved the darkness, making the shadows and dim corners my home but I now know where home is, her warm body held close to me, her light heating me through and the flames of our love reflected in her eyes. My home is a forgotten day in which my own light shone as brightly as hers.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her, I would brave the sunlight that would surely kill me just to have one more moment in her own private sunlight that would warm my heart for the rest of eternity.