Snowed In

Snowed In

by Lyss

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PLEASE READ NOTES BELOW! Two years after Buffy graduates college... (Future fic.)
Summary: One Christmas Eve, Buffy is reunited with her long lost love(The fact that I'm snowed in inspired me to write this fic! LOL!)

New York was beautiful. The snowflakes danced through the night's air like ballerinas, twirling, leaping. The stores were full of fine glassware, colorful toys, and exquisite jewelry. The onlookers stopped every so often to look through a store window, marveled at what lay on the other side of the glass pane. It was that time of year when nothing else mattered except your loved ones. It was Christmas and it made Buffy Summers sick.

Walking alone on the street, she watched as lovers shared the Christmas sprit. Buffy carried no shopping bags, for she had no friends or family to buy gifts for. She passed store after store, just looking at what she couldn't have. Shoving her hands in her pockets, she picked up her walking pace and continued to her apartment.

Buffy lived in a small, but cozy apartment flat that was just big enough for her and a guest. Not that she ever had any. Removing her jacket from her slim figure, she walked over and placed it on the coat rack. The room had one couch and a small chair. It also had a huge kitchen and a king size bed in the bedroom. In the corner of the room, next to the fireplace, an undecorated, medium sized Christmas tree stood.

Coming out of the kitchen with a mug of hot chocolate Buffy flopped on the couch. She stared at the tree, wondering when she would decorate it. After all, it was Christmas Eve. Glancing out the window, she realized that the snow was falling heavier. The heavy snow flakes held on the trees, making them appear to be covered in white icing. It never snowed in California, well it did once. Buffy let the warmth of the hot chocolate soothe her as she drifted off in to her thoughts.

She often took time to recall how she ended up in New York. It felt like it all happened yesterday, but in reality it was two years ago...

Buffy had just graduated college, when Giles informed her that the End Of Days was approaching. Working with the crew from LA, the original Scoobies joined once again to fight off the latest big evil. Buffy and Angel went into the battle with high heads, and strong bodies. In the end they won, barely. It almost ended Buffy's life. With numerous cuts on her body, Buffy left the battle field without telling anyone. No one knew where Buffy lived now, they didn't even know she was alive. Word had gotten to her that the people of Sunnydale held a funeral for her. She didn't want anyone, or anything to know where she was. It was safer that way, she wasn't putting people's lives in danger. Sure, it was selfish that she did act as if she was dead, but it had to be done.

A soft knock on her door brought Buffy out of her trance. Placing her mug of hot chocolate on the table, she stood up. Undoing the door's latch she opened to find someone she never expected.

"Angel." Buffy whispered. She felt like her knees were going to fall out from under her, and she would helplessly fall into his arms. The room, the city, the state, the country, the world fell away and all she could see was him.

Before she knew what was happening, strong arms were circling her body, bringing her flush up against him. A small sob of relief rose from Angel chest, it broke her heart. That's when it happened, the wall that Buffy built up around her self came down and the tears of joy, sorrow, pain, and passion cascaded down her face. He placed both of his hands on either side of Buffy's cheeks and softly caressed them. His eyes were red from the tears, his breath was quick and frantic.

"I found you. I knew you were alive." He said hoarsely, choking back more upcoming sobs. His coat was white from the falling snow and his nose was red from the bitter cold. The snowflakes had gotten stuck in his spiky hair on their way down from the heavens.

Suddenly, through his black jacket she felt something. Buffy felt the most beautiful thing in the world. A steady heart beat. She fainted.


Feeling drossy, Buffy woke to the sound of pots and pans rattling amongst them selves. Blinking her eyes rapidly, she tried to adjust to her surroundings. The window showed that it was indeed still snowing. Stretching her arms above her head, she stood up from the couch and walked over to the door frame of the kitchen.

So it wasn't a dream after all, Angel really did ride in here like a knight in shinning armor. He saved Buffy from another lonely holiday, a lonely life. Clearing her throat loud enough for him to hear, he turned to face her from his position in front of the stove. Placing the lid back onto the steaming pot, he dried his hands on a towel and approached her slowly. After all these years, the guy still had no respect for personal boundaries.

He smiled wholeheartedly and looped a piece of stray hair behind Buffy's ear. "How do feel?" He asked. Concern evident in his voice.

Buffy swallowed roughly and loudly. Giving Angel a half smile, she turned her attention to her feet, then to the ceiling. Anywhere but his eyes, that was a dangerous place to lose yourself in. Once you get sucked into the pools of dark brown, there is no getting out.

"Are you really here?" Buffy asked questionably, carefully. "because I've had some pretty vivid dreams about this sort of thing happening, but whenever I wake up it is just me in the bed. No naked Angel next to me."

Wincing, she buried her face in her hand. Buffy couldn't believe that she let that comment slip. Separating her fingers so she could look through them, she saw Angel laughing at her. Angel was laughing, not only laughing but laughing at her. Buffy playfully swatted Angel in his tight stomach.

Subsiding his laughter, he turned his attention to the beautiful, petite, blonde girl in front of him. The uncomfortableness was setting in again. Trying to think of something to talk about, Angel looked outside at the dancing snowflakes. "It really snows in New York doesn't it?"

"Nonstop, but it's pretty." She agreed glancing outside herself.

Angel turned his focus back to the steaming pot on the stove. The smell of soup drifted to Buffy's nose as Angel lifted the pot's lid off. Placing some of the hot liquid onto a small spoon, he reached over and lifted Buffy's chin, letting the hot broth enter her mouth.

The soup warmed Buffy's mouth and heart as it slid down her throat. She smiled gratefully and took a step closer to him. " Now, that's what I call good soup."

And once again Angel laughed. There was something about him, he seemed lighter, happier. He didn't have that blank, pain filled look in his eyes anymore. Separating the soup into two bowls he guided Buffy over to the couch.

After getting relatively comfortable on the couch, Buffy decided to address the more important situation, why Angel was here. "So how's Sunnydale?" Buffy asked as she scooped up another spoonful of soup and placed it in her mouth.

Placing his cup on the side table, Angel turned to face Buffy. " How do you think Buffy, everyone thinks you're dead," he said softly, trying to keep his anger under control.

Also placing her soup on the table, she kneeled down in front of him and took his hands in hers. " You have to understand Angel. You don't know what it was like for me. It is best for everyone not to know where I am, it's safer." She said, trying to reason with him.

Angel nodded his head in understanding, but on some level he was still angry with her for leaving. " You could've at least wrote to us, telling us that you were alive and OK."

Sighing, she knew he wasn't going to let this down. " If I had written, They would've tracked me down and ordered me to come home. I need to be on my own, I wanted to start a new life."

Looking down at his fingers intertwined with hers, he realized that she was right. Meeting eye contact, he feared that his next question would cause a heartbreak on his side. " Are you happy?"

Oh God, his eyes. She felt the warmth of water building up in her eyes. "I'm happy, but I'm lonely" She whispered softly as a tear rolled down her cheek.

He smiled sadly, feeling sympathetic towards her. "How about I spend Christmas with you?"

Moving closer to Angel, so that her lips were only inches away from his, Buffy rested her forehead on his. " How about you spend the rest of your life with me." Buffy said, her hot breath tickling the hair on his neck.

Whatever effect she had on him, it pushed Angel over the edge. Grabbing her neck, he pulled her into a deep kiss. Then very slowly his tongue entered her mouth, dueling with hers. One of her hands grabbed his head and ran through his dark hair while she let the other wander over his back, pulling him closer and closer in the process. Finally, the need for air became necessary. Breaking off, Angel nuzzled his nose with hers.

"Lets go for a walk." Angel said gesturing towards the door.


The Streets of New York were covered in at least a foot of snow. Candles burned brightly from windows, Houses were outlined in many different colored lights, and the sweet music of the nutcracker's The Sugar plum fairy played on every street corner.

Buffy and Angel walked hand in hand as they trudged through the deep snow. The snowflakes fell from above, heavier with each passing moment. Taking a left turn, they entered Central Park. The whole area was covered in a thick layer of powder-like snow. Taking this to an advantage, Buffy released her hand from Angel's and ran ahead. As she ran the falling snow blew up against her face, creating a tingling sensation. Stopping to catch her breath, she turned to see Angel quickly approaching. Her attempt to run off again was stopped by Angel tackling her from behind. Landing on her back, with Angel on top, Buffy tried once again to catch her breath.

"Got you, I win!" Angel proudly exclaimed. He took opportunity of his position to kiss Buffy sweetly on the lips.

Buffy smiled wickedly. "You might have caught me, but you haven't won." She declared as she pushed a small pile of snow into his face. It was just enough to distract him, she wiggled out from under him and took off. Standing up, Angel removed the last bit of snow from his face. Glancing at his surroundings, he realized that Buffy was no where no be seen. Cautiously and very stealth like looked around the park. Suddenly a small snow ball hit him from behind, he spun around to see Buffy armed with three more. Scooping up some snow, he made one very large snowball that caused Buffy's eyes to widen. Approaching her slowly, he was silently daring her to play his game.

Angel's snowball was about the size out Buffy's head, and she wasn't about to make any sudden movements. It was hopeless. Throwing her hands in the air, the slayer admitted defeat. Letting the huge mound of snow from his hands fall to the ground, he swooped Buffy up in his arms and spun her around.

The sound of laughter from the couple could be heard through out the park. Angel, who placed Buffy back on the ground, noticed how cold it had gotten. The snow was falling heavier, and it made it difficult to see. Grabbing Buffy's hand, Angel led Buffy out of the park, and back on their way to her apartment.


Running in the door of the apartment, Buffy couldn't help but laugh. She felt like she was in High school again, and she loved it. Like a gentleman, Angel removed Buffy's jacket from her shoulders, and hung it up next to his. Angel, noticing that Buffy was shaking slightly from the cold, gently brushed his fingertips up and down her arms.

"Cold?" Angel questioned

"Just a little," Buffy respond, her teeth chattering.

Escorting her over to the couch, Angel wrapped Buffy in a warm fleece blanket.

After all these years of loneliness, Angel still had the power to sweep Buffy off her feet. Cherishing every moment they had together, they spent the next couple hours cuddling, decorating the neglected Christmas tree, and feeding each other dinner.

Resembling the dancing snowflakes out side, Buffy and Angel were wrapped up in one another as they swayed gracefully to the music. With the lights dimmed low, the brightly lit Christmas tree, numerous burning candles, a blazing fire, and the never ceasing snow, it was a scene right out of a romance novel.

Cuddling his face in the crook of her neck, Angel whispered sweet words of love, dedication, and passion into hear ear. " I love you so much."

Meeting his eye contact, she kissed him on the tip of his nose. "I love you too."

"Marry me Buffy?" Angel asked, placing a kiss on the corner of her mouth.

"Thought you'd never ask." She replied as Angel captured her lips in a flaming kiss.

The weather outside is frightful , But inside it's so delightful.
And as long as you love me so, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


Later that night, Buffy rose from her bed and slipped on a nightgown. Looking out the window she watched as snow crystals fell to the ground. Laughing at the scene that lay before her she realized that Angel wouldn't be leaving for quite a while, they were snowed in.

The End