Title: What One Night Can Bring
Author: Angie (Buffy4Angie@aol.com)   betareader and fixed up by Dianna
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Rating: PG
Summary: What would've happened if after "Surprise" Angel didn't turn evil.
Author's note: This is my first fanfic so please be nice.
Disclaimer: I'm not Joss I don't own one thing cause if i did you woundn't
know the name RILEY FINN. So please don't sue cause i don't have anything
Couples: B/A
Dedications: To all the B/A fans and to all the good B/A stories which I love
to read and to my friend Dianna.

       So this is going to be my life. I'm going to be a mom. Wow. Well look
at me. I'm taking you at the end of the story. First of all, my name is Buffy
Anne Summers and I love this guy Angel. Well, he isn't a human. He's a
vampire. Here's what happened.

       It was the night of my 17th birthday and Angel and I just made love
for the first time.

      "Hey." Angel said, with a big smile on his face.

      "Hey back." I replied.

      "So did you get everthing you wanted?" Angel asked.

      "Everything and more."


      "Angel, I feel like this is the beginning of everything."

      "Maybe because it is."

      About 3 months later


      "Buffy, dear, what is it?" Joyce asked.

      "Nothing mom."

      "What do you mean nothing? I know those 'ohmy's' now what's happened?"

      "Well do you remember Angel?"

      "Yeah the boy who's helping you in history."

      "Yeah well I'm kind of... We're kind of going out."


      "Well I love him and he loves me. And we're going to have-a-baby."

      "WHAT? Buffy, are you crazy? You're 17. Does he know? When did you two

make love?--- No, I don't want to know--"

      "Mom!! No, he doesn't know yet, but he will."

      "Buffy, dear, you know he's going to break-up with you!"

      "No, he won't! Mom, he loves me!"

      "How do you really know that baby? He may say it but..."

      "BECAUSE, because mom we have been through a lot... A lot of stuff
the year that we been together!"

The next night

       "Angel! Angel!"

      Angel jumped out of his bathroom and jumped right on me and started to
kiss me all over.

      "Angel stop please!"

      "I'm sorry baby I had to."

      "Sorry, Angel. I want to, but right now I got to tell you something,

      "Ok, baby."

      "Baby, yeah that's it. Angel, I'm....We are going to-have-a-baby."


      "Angel...? Angel...? Ohmyohmy I can't believe you just fainted."

      About 1 hour later

       "Angel.. Baby, you're up. I was so worried."

      "I'm fine but I just had I weird deam. I thought you just told me that
you were pregnant."

      "I did."

      "Wow, I'm going to a father.......  I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER!! Buffy, I
will be the best father. Ok, we have to get married. We have to get married,
Buffy, and not just for the baby, but because I love you."

      "Really, Angel? Oh, I love you."

      "I love you too, baby... Wait we are..."

      "We are what?"

      "Buffy sit down I have to tell you something."

      "Ok, what is it Angel?"

      "You know that ring I gave you for your birthday?"

      "Yeah, and did I tell you i love it?"

      "Yes, you did like 100 times. But it also means that we are married."

      "We are?"

      "Yeah, but only in my home country. Do you hate me?"

      "No, I don't because i love you and... Willow told me."

      "She did?"

      "Yeah, the day after my birthday."

      "So what do you say Buffy Anne Summers, will you married me?"

      "Yes, YES. Yes, Angel. I will."

T  h  e  E  n  d
What one night can bring