Even since i can remember ive always been doodaling clothes, and as a wannabe costume designer i have decided to make this website dedicated to my tribal outfits.

On this site you will find all sorts of tribal clothes, some for perticular tribe characters, and some for not. Please note that these designs are my own creative work, so please do not steal the designs. Thank you.

And a special thank you to Melanie (Tribe fashion designs) for letting me use some of her bases. Cheers!

16.03.03- added 2 new tribal designs and an affilterate
31.01.03- added 3 more tribal designs
02.01.03- Added Eco Trudy, Ellie and Siva to the Mallrats. Added more tribal outfits.
31.12.02- Website started. Added several of my Mallrat designs, including two of Ebony & May, one of Trudy, and Salene. More to come! Added some of my fanart too, and tribal outfits.
" Cloud 9 The Tribe Ltd