to my little vanity page. I’m constantly updating and changing things around as I learn more. So don’t be surprised if things change. Yes this is a hint to bookmark so you can come back time after time to see what is new.

I'm a 38 yr old, BBW, divorced since 1993, with two kids (boy 15 and girl 10), one cat and a two car garage I can't park in. I naturally have light red hair but I keep it a dark auburn, in stocking feet I'm 5'7. With shoes a bit taller depending on the shoe. 

I"ve lived in the following places (in order of occurrence) Renton WA., Mt. Rainier (Longmire) WA, Death Valley CA, Redding CA, Mt, Rainier (Paradise) WA, Edwards AFB CA, California City CA, RAF Alconbury England, Sawtry England, Upwood England, Ephrata WA, Kent WA, Port Angles WA and now currently in Federal Way WA. .

I will mostly be in the Seattle area for a few more years. For one I have my kids in a great private school, and two I love the rain and the mild weather. . Even though I'm semi permanent once I'm out of school I plan on traveling as time permits. Some places on my list are Alaska, Maine, Wales and Australia. Oh and to the family homestead in Big Timber Montana.

I'm an adventurer at heart and will jump at a chance for a road trip. I love meeting people and finding out how they got where they are. Most people I've learn haven't taken much thought, they just arrive

  • Road Trips: One of my favorite is taking the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton and then driving back around. (although I like to be the driver most of the time. Robin says it is a control issue)

  • Walking:. A few favorite places to walk are Redondo, Alki, Rustin Way, and Owens beach.

  • Guns: Grew up shooting trap and will continue once I have a income that can afford it. Am interested in competing with a pistol too.

  • Outdoor Activities: Including camping, swimming, day hikes and the like. Did I mention road trips?

  • SCA: Only been to a few events but would love to find the time to get really involved.

I'm a Christian and am semi active with my church. (Christian Faith Center) My faith has truly saved my life. I'm not perfect and still have some (actually alot) of rough edges, but my friends are good at knocking them off from time to time. They are the best friends any one can have.

They are all wonderful and a great part of my life. They laugh at my silly stories and stupid jokes. Even when they don't know which is truth or what is a buffalo story.

Yes I am a recovering pack rat. I fight the urge to keep everything because “I might need it someday.” I do however collect things with roses . From vintage sheets to Tattoo’s (only have two). If you want to make sure I will like a gift make sure there is a rose on it and I will love it. Anne McCaffrey is my favorite author and I have most of her books, as well as a nice smattering of other Science Fiction authors.

I also have a Christmas Angel collection. Each year I add at least one more angel to the collection. Most are tree toppers but have a few ornaments and such.