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I am very new to the world of computer graphics and have only recently discovered the joys of building a web site.
I have no idea at all when it comes to html, (although i am working on that), so i would like to express my gratitude to all of the wonderfully creative artists out there on the web, (you know who you are and i have given you credit where possible,) and sincerely thank you for your marvellous generosity in sharing your incredible talent, without which i would have nothing to post on these pages.
If i have failed to acknowledge your work, it is by no means intentional, but rather a case of losing touch with the correct credentials belonging to a particular piece of work while surfing the net, or the incorrect assumption that the graphic is public domain because no credits have accompanied that particular image at the site that i initially viewed it on.
Please Email me and i will rectify the problem immediately.

I should also like to thank Yahoo/Geocities for making the space available and also providing the page building wizards, once again, without such assistance there would be nothing here.

These pages are in a constant state of reconstruction, so please visit often and see what i have been up to.
Hopefully at some stage in the future i may be able to post something of my own here, however, don't hold your breath, it may be a long time coming.

Kia Ora

Stormy Mage.


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