Real name: Lucas Bishop
Other aliases: None
Known Identity: No dual identity; the general public is unaware that Bishop comes from the future of an alternate timeline
Occupation: Adventurer, formerly an agent of the XSE
Legal status: Citizen of the United States of America in an alternate 21st Century future with no criminal record
Place of birth: A mutant relocation camp in an undisclosed location on an alternate 21st Century Earth Group
Affiliation: X-Men
Base of operations: Mobile
First appearance: X-MEN #282
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 275 lbs.
Eyes: Brown, sometimes red
Hair: Black

Known powers: Bishop is a mutant who can absorb kinetic energy directed toward him and project it from his hands in concussive blasts. He possesses the normal strength of a man of his age, height and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.

History: Born roughly 70 years into one of Earth's alternate futures, Bishop grew up on a dark and desolate world -- where the heirs to the X-Men's legacy founded the organization known as "Xavier's Security Enforcers" on the belief that mutants could police themselves. Chasing one such criminal mutant, Trevor Fitzroy, Bishop and his XSE lieutenants traveled back through time to the present day. Stranded in the past, they continued pursuing the suspect. But Bishop's troops were slain, and Bishop badly injured, during the deadly battle that ensued. Only through the intervention of the X-Men did he survive.

Feeling honored to serve on the team whose members he had idolized since his childhood, Bishop found new purpose with the X-Men. However, a reoccurring dream about Fitzroy led him to leave the group to once more pursue his arch-nemesis.
Drawn into a possible apocalyptic future by Fitzroy, Bishop learned that the villain had transformed the war-ravaged world into his own private kingdom. Fitzroy planned to ascend to godhood by becoming one with the temporal energies that control all time. Bishop -- aided by a young boy, Michael, who had been transported the future with him -- gathered a small group of mutants and focused them on one goal: stopping Fitzroy's mad plan.
During the fight that followed, Bishop defeated Fitzroy moments before he could complete his quest. The price of victory was high, however: Bishop's sister, Shard, sacrificed her life for the ultimate good. And mere moments after the war had been won, Bishop -- filled with chronal energy -- was ripped through time. Michael remained in the future, with no hope of returning home.
Spiraling through time, Bishop emerged in the present...deep in space. The so-called "Last X-Man" crashed into a Shi'ar space station, where Professor Charles Xavier and his "Cadre K" of mutant Skrull students were searching for Deathbird -- the Shi'ar criminal who appears to be Bishop's chronal anchor in the present day. A pan-galactic committee had transformed Earth into a prison planet, and Deathbird held a key to penetrate the panel's maximum-security energy barrier. Bishop almost killed the terrorist before she opened an airlock and was blown into space. He then allowed himself to be captured and sent to Earth on a mission, where he reunited with the X-Men.
  He left the X-men for a time to pursue his nemesis, Fitzroy. He instead found Shard, but was transported to a future world ruled by Fitzroy, now calling himself The Chronomancer.  In this reality, all the X-men, including himself, had died and were revered as legends.  He found himself leading a ragtag group of mutants who had painted "M's" on their faces against Fitzroy.
He and Storm now lead the team of X-men, consisting of Psylocke, Beast, Thunderbird, Rogue and Sage, that are on a mission to collect Destiny’s diaries.

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