Going Commando

The first time I went commando was in mid-June of 19--. I was 25, working as an accountant for the R-- Car Rental Agency in a large city in the Southwest. I had worn a long skirt (with a half slip underneath) to work, with a bikini panty underneath. I liked it (the bikini bottom) because it was cool, but it also had a tendency to give me a wedgie. So, when I went potty a little after noon, I decided to go commando (I guess you call it that, even if you're in a dress) the rest of the day. I worked a seven-to-three shift, so I knew I wouldn't have to go without panties for too long, so I didn't see too much risk.

When I got home, I had forgotten that I was without underwear, but as I didn't have any plans for the evening, I went the rest of the day in my skirt and, later, my slip only until I went to bed.

About a month later, I had a new long dress that had a business suit look to it. It wasn't really something that I would wear to a formal dinner or concert. The top part looked like a business blouse, except it was a bit too easy to see through it. However, that problem was solved with a long full slip. But I decided to put on a half slip underneath. The one I picked had a tulip hem, meaning that it had a pretty radical slit that I could wear either on one side, or in the front or back. It didn't matter, so I left the slit at the back. I realized that it would be easy to go potty, since any act of sitting would leave the slip out of the way. I wore knee-highs instead of pantyhose, though I thought of not wearing any hose at all,as I had done the first time I went commando.

I had planned to change into jeans to go out to dinner and a movie with some friends that evening, but I took off the half slip and decided that the dress would be comfortable enough without changing anything else. Nobody else in our little group wore a long dress (of course, two of them were men!), but my dress also didn't stick out like a sore thumb.

The following October, we had an unexpectedly rainy day. I decided to wear boots and a jean skirt. Since nobody would see my legs (the skirt ended well below the tops of my boots), I decided to wear knee-highs and go without undies again. I wore a short half slip underneath, even though I knew nobody would see through my denim skirt. My butt was a little cold at the end of the day, but I felt fine.

The next day, however, my monthly period started unexpectedly, so I was a little skittish about going without underwear for the next few months.

The following summer, I went without panties on the first day of my new job, this as an assistant regional manager for a small supermarket chain. I wore a floral-print skirt that went below the knees and a light-blue T-shirt on top. I wore a half slip under the skirt, although I didn't think it was all that necessary. I was a bit nervous when I had to go potty in a restroom where the stall didn't have a door, but the skirt was long and full enough to reach the floor when I sat down, so I didn't think anyone would notice my (lack of) panties when sitting on the toilet. In any event, no one was in the bathroom at the time, but I decided to always wear panties while at this job.

A month later, however, I bought a new short skirt (not quite down to the knees), and decided to wear it one Saturday when going to the movies with my boyfriend, his sister and her husband. I wore it with a blouse rather than a T-shirt, and put on a new mini-half slip underneath. My boyfriend's sister decided to check out a new carnival that was in town before she took her kids to it. The carnival was fun, but there was a funhouse that had an old-fashioned gag where it would blow up a lady's dress when she came out. My skirt flew up, and I was so embarrassed--but grateful I had on a slip which did not fly up.

I vowed never to go without underwear again.

I broke that vow a year later when I bought a new minidress. I wore a sweater over it, and a short full slip underneath. I wore thigh-high stockings with garters and the works to keep them up. I had planned to wear a bikini panty underneath, but simply forgot. I was now working as a regional manager, and had my own private bathroom, so I didn't worry about someone catching me in the can without my panties down. However, as it was a windy day, my dress flew up a few times, and I'm sure people got a good look at my slip and possibly my garters once or twice.

I wear dresses almost every day now. Whenever I do, unless I'm having my monthly period, I always go without panties. My new husband doesn't know, and he'd probably kill me if he did. But he goes to work before I do, and comes home late, and I usually change into negligee or something before he comes in. On Sundays, we usually go to different churches, so we dress at different times. I sometimes hear the old women in church make snide remarks about how other young women dress, but they never talk about me. I don't wear minidresses anymore--too risky--but I also don't wear long ones, except on formal occasions. I always wear a full slip.

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