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It didn’t rain.
It didn’t rain.
It didn’t rain.

We had typical Central Hawkes Bay weather, ie a drought! (The swimming pool got a good thrashing despite the pretty green colour. Some of you might like to know that I reckon I’m only two weeks off a perfectly balanced, sparkling blue pool. Of course this does coincide with the end of the season but let’s not get picky!!)

People started to arrive on the Friday; one family arrived on the Thursday. Sarah and Wayne may have regretted that as we pounced on their good natures with glee. I think Wayne looks very good perched precariously on top of a ladder, nailing stage lights to the rafters of the implement shed. Speaking of the implement shed, Phil Peter and Mac worked for 2 weeks concreting floors, plumbing in the zip and sink, erecting the amazing shower thingy…all pumpkin pallets, old tarpaulins and shiny taps. We put a copper on the roof and with a clever combination of no-how and number eight wire, we had hot and cold running water into the shower.
The new implement shed space made a perfect jamming area out of the hot sun but still open to the sights of munching sheep and warbling magpies.
Out from the shed we built the stage. Fairy lights around the implement shed and stage lights down on to the stage worked their magic…The evening concert was amazing. All the stars were out, the acoustic of the hill behind us provided a natural amphitheatre.
The musicians were stunning as were the storytellers. We had acts from New Plymouth, Dunedin, Auckland, Melbourne, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Raglan, Marton and Wellington.

On Sunday morning storytellers gathered with friends, coffee and cake. (not necessarily in that order) It was a lot of laughter and a few ouch moments as stories hit their mark.

The children’s concert is always a highlight and this year was no different. We had top tellers from both islands and one of Australia’s most beloved tellers. And the kids. They are the best. Getting up there from 2years to 10. Sophisticated musicians to first timers clinging closely to mum or dad. Very cool!

All and all it was a lovely weekend. Very laid back. Lots of food, a green pool, music and stories. I hope you all come again next year and bring your friends. You will be very welcome!!

Mary Kippenberger and Peter Charlton-Jones

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