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New look website
28th of Novmeber 2001.

just basically a spring clean. Things were getting a bit untidy. All should be up and running by next week :-) the webby.

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Central Hawkes Bay A&P show.
10th of Novemeber 2001

Peter and I joined together for this day, he playing his sometimes wicked songs and me with the stories. We find we work together well...especially when I get my way!!

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Eastern and Central Summer Reading Programme promotional tour.
5th of November to the 16th of November 2001

Every year Eastern and Central sponsers the summer reading programme. Ihave been involved for the last 5 years and it is the best thing since sliced bread. The programme is free fun and exciting. Kids on it develop a one to one relationship with their Librarian. They bring in the books they have read and talk about it, no one can fail and it's a great self esteem booster. The children recieve wonderful incentive prizes, are entertained by storytellers and others, create 'stuff' and at the end go to a big party where they recieve medallions, certificates and a great book. The promotional tour targets the low decile schools and children struggling with reading. It is such a fun programme that kids can't help but enjoy it and therefore enjoy books. I have finished my first week. It is pretty hectic with up to 5 schools plus travel, a day but it is also a lot of fun. There are some pretty awesome kids teachers and librariand out there !

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Debate Wellington.
31st of October 2001

Moot: Wellington is Capital

I arrived back from Adelaide only to leave immedialetly on a mini tour. Little did I realise that Brendon Webb had been frantically trying to get me for weeks. My Dad had died a week or so before and he probably didn't like to leave a message.Four days before the Debate he reached me, told me the plane was booked and could I make it! No problem I said stoically...I have the week-end to prepare...then realised that I didn't have the week-end, the week-end I was flying up to Auckland for a gig! Oh well I had monday! Monday came and with it a phone call to attend an urgent meeting to discuss a possible children's programme on Hawkes Bay's regional television. No worries, I would still have a least an hour to prepare at the hotel after the plane had landed! Driving the big old truck I screamed into the airport carport running 10 minutes late. My comrades, Brendon and Wyn Drabble were hovering anxiously at the door. 'Quick'they said, 'We're flying to Auckland!' And we did! We flew to Auckland, because our plane was grounded, there to run (another forte!) across the tarmac to connect with a Wellington flight. As notes and papers tumbled around me as I tried to finish my debate, I looked with some jealousy, at the lap tops abounding on business suited knees. We arrived late, changed, I was wearing, unusually, high heels, and had to stagger and totter forever along the water front to the venue. We were told it was just a hop skip and a jump from the hotel...yeh right as the billboards say! Finally we arrived, no one had been able to tell me who our opponents were and it was with some dismay that I realised we were up against the formidable Michael Laws, Jeneatte MacDonald and the lovely Tim O'Brien. They were in fine form but we took the honours and staggered home to bed in the early hours.

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Australian Confest held at Adelaide.
12th of October 2001

After a few problems, ie an expired passport the night before the flight, a non existent connection between Melborne and Adelaide and losing my workshop notes, I finally arrived in Adelaide! Accompanied by New Zealand Storytellers, Gaye Sutton and Claire Lousie Gerbault, we joined Australian's from each state for an amazing three days. The kookaburras sang, the food was unreal (of course not that food is important to me!!)Last minute scrambles saved my workshop and I had a ball with 20 odd (perhaps I should re phrase that!) participants as we discussed how to tell stories to children and live to tell the tale!

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10th of September 2001

Sorry for the lack of infomation posted. its coming! Website going under another(!) rehaul.


The Webmaster :-)

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United States of America tour, May 2002 (planned)
3rd of July, 2001

Negotiations are underway for conference work in Idaho next May. Both Peter my wonderful musician husband and i will go over and do some work. We will combine our two disciplines and see what happens!

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Upcoming events
3rd of July, 2001

Palmerston North Libraries Holiday Programme. Started yesterday 2nd of July carries through to the end of the week.

'Kids in the heart of the City'July 11-14 Creative Arts Holiday programme for children in the Hawkes Bay

Waipawa Library Holiday Programme 10 July

Napier Winter Festival July 4th Aqua Bar Masonic Hotel Storytelling with Clare-Louise Gerbault. Short notice.

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New Zealand Reading Association Youth Authors Workshop, Palmerston North
3rd of July, 2001

This was such a good day. 60 handpicked 12 year olds from the greater Palmerston North area. Handpicked because they loved writing. I opened up the day with a storytelling session then the kids were divided into 3 groups. There were 2 other facilitators for book making and poetry (Lin dixon for book making and Carolyn Atkinson for poetry) and I took storytelling. Such fun, we laughed the day away and it was great to see even the shyest kids taking risks and coming out of their shells. THank you for choosing me to be part of such a worthwhile project!

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Mason's Mid Winter Christmas Dinner, Hawkes Bay Groups
3rd of July, 2001

This was a very large group of people gathering together for a very scrumptious meal and fellowship. I told some yarns asking the 'big wigs' to 'help' me out. They did so in good spirit and thank you to the Mason's for having me!

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Waipukurau Senior Citizens
3rd of July, 2001

Another fun bunch!!!

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Takapau Senior Citizens
3rd of July, 2001

What a fun bunch!!!

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REAP National Conference, Wellington
3rd of July, 2001

I had a ball with these amazing people. They had gathered, from all over New Zealand for their National Conference. REAP is an important organization and does so much good in rural communities. It was a privilege to be part of it.

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Womans Dinner Club, Havelock North
3rd of July, 2001

I had a wonderful night with this very well patronized club I believe they have been going for some years, meeting monthly for dinner and a guest speaker. They were so much fun to tell stories and prattle on too!!! Thank you for having me!

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New Photos
18th June, 2001

New Photos are on site now!!! Click here to view them

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This is it!!!
Posted 12th of June, 2001

All data has been transfered. No new updates as yet.

The webmaster :)

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Posted 9th of June, 2001.

We have just purchased a site online. this website will be transfered to that address in the very near future.


The Webmaster :-)

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Te Rangi music & story festival 2002
Posted 27th of April, 2001.
Last Year I woke up with this excellent idea...Peter groaned, as he does when I wake up with yet another 'excellent' idea!...WE live on 50 acres of 'interesting' land. It is no good for farming, which is lucky as we are no good as farmers...but it is peaceful and it is pretty with a river and heaps of trees. The home paddock is surrounded by a natural amphitheatre and I thought why don't we hold a festival here. Peter has been involved with music forever and I have been involved with storytelling for many years, so why not combine the two mediums for a relaxed 3 or 4 days camping, singing and telling?

Of course it was very last minute and I had to cajole and galvanize the family into heroic works building stages and picking up horse poo! They were very happy!

The last minute idea worked well. We had about 60 people, 2 concerts under the stars complete with fairy lights and amplifiers. It was magic. A community meal, excursion for the brave to the waterfall, a childrens concert and an all night jam session around the bon fire.

On the strength of it we have decided to make it an annual event. I have surpassed myself and have already e-mailed people the dates for 2002 (January 18, 19, 20 & 21) We have decided to put in a 30,000 gal. water tank as that is always a problem, restore an old shed for a chairs and old couches area and build on to that a huge deck that can double both as a stage and a gathering place.

The year after we will look at a small ablutions block but port-a-loo's will have to suffice this year.

Our aim is to build the festival up to a big event in the Central Hawkes Bay District calendar.

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Australian National Storytelling Confest 2001
Posted 15th of May, 2001.

I will be present for the confest. I will be telling and workshopping. October 12 - 14, 2001 in Melbourne.

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The Great Waipawa Debate 2001
Posted 5th of June, 2001.
Central Hawkes Bay has for many years hosted the wildly popular saleyard debates. These riotous events, which seem to know no boundaries, are being reproduced (with some boundaries!) at the Great Waipawa Debate on the 21st of July

The rest of Hawkes Bay, The hilarious Brendon Webb, The clever Roger Moroney and the questionable David Ramsden will face up to the home team Hamish Kynoch, C.H.B Mayor; Peter Charlton-Jones, singer songwriter and Myself.

This will be a great night and not for the faint hearted.

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Te Rangi Music and Story Festival preparations 2002
Posted 9th of June, 2001

Kia Ora and Hello

Preparations have started for next January's festival thingy!

We are taking out fences (more room for camping), building a big deck and restoring a shed so that it can house comfy couches and a pot belly stove. We are putting in a 5000 litre water tank so water will not be a problem!

Hope you can come this year for 3 days of relaxation in the sun. For those not keen on the camping side of life there are homestays and motels nearby. For those who have not been to our place I describe it as heaven but I am biased! We have 50 acres, lots of trees, a stream and a waterfall. THe valley is secluded but we are only 2kms from state highway 2 in Central Hawkes Bay

The big swimming pool gets lots of use and it is usually VERY HOT in January.

This year the festival will fall on the 11th, 12th and 13th of January, 2002.

There will be a main concert on the Saturday night under the stars and a blackboard during the day. Friday night will have a welcome concert.

Katie will take another excursion to the waterfall which will be a good venue for some water tales.

For the most part though the emphasis will be sitting around jamming, telling, eating and playing.

Registration will be $20 with children free
No dogs please.

Hope to see you there!!!

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