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Undress for Me - A sexual predator has discovered a way to place women in a trance over the phone; a trance in which they will do anything.
Tracy's Asset's 2 - Tracy tries to seperate her from herself from Jack, her blackmail lover, but he can't give her up. Not even as her wedding draws closer and closer.

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The Truck Stop     Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner    
The Substance - Part 5     In Need of Something More (Expanded)

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Storysman ShortsFree with One-Time Subscription   Paypal or C2it to (email for alternate payment method)
A new section of Storysman Select. These stories are "quickies", 5-10 pages of a condensed sexual situation. I am writing these to help bridge the gaps between my major stories, which have gotten longer and longer over time. Here is the list so far:

Fans of the Writer - Michele -- The benefits of having female fans is explored in the first of a series...

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A Quiet Litle Town - The Conclusion$1.50 donation   Paypal or C2it to (email for alternate payment method)
Helen is on the run, trying to fight a desire planted in her for sex. Mark continues his search, and finds another beautiful woman in the same predicament as Helen. All is revealed as the town closes its grip on its prey.
Helen took a step forward, her body assuming the dainty posture she had so often used to gain the interest of a male. She was about to call out, about to say "Excuse me, but watching you is really turning me on and I'd like to know if you like to pump my pussy," but she caught her voice in her throat. It was the drug, whatever it was. As predicted, her feminine need for intercourse had returned with a vengeance. She was about to offer her to this stranger without so much as a word of hello. Helen stopped herself, then retreated behind the trees.
"Oh..." Helen breathed softly as she sat on a slope and moved her hand to her pussy. Intense pleasure shot forth from bother her fingertips and her cunt, but nothing like she knew she'd feel if she could get that man inside of her. She knew she needed to get the dildo inside her instead, to bring herself to orgasm and buy a few more minutes of safety, but she couldn't pull her hand away. She rubbed her clit vigorously, using the other hand to stretch the panties from her hips. The dildo was at her side. She looked at it, and the thoughts came like a tidal wave. Look at that shaft, doesn't it look good? A huge, wide, monster waiting to get inside you. Oh, but think of how much better a REAL cock would be. How much better HIS cock would be. Go to him. Seduce him. He'll want you. He'll drop that ax in an instant, life you up into his arms and bring you down and that velvety smooth penis. You can feel him inside you. You can feel his body holding you, squeezing you, loving you.
Read The 1st Section of the Conclusion...

In Need of Something Right$1.50 donation   Paypal or C2it to (email for alternate payment method)
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The conclusion... Melinda continues her affair with Michael, though the nature of their encounters changes and twists from what Melinda wants. At the same time, the love for her husband and the guilt she feels is building. Addicted to Michael, and devastated by her uncontrolled actions, Melinda heads towards a desperate climax.
The basement itself was submerged in blackness until Michael pulled the cord to a light. Melinda gasped as she saw the contents. Several harnesses hung from the ceiling a few feet away. A counter at her side was lined with dildos and vibrators of various shapes and sizes. The far wall had several leather outfits hanging menacingly from hooks, along with a few whips and lengths of chain. Michael carried her to the center of the room, where Melinda noticed two straps fastened to the ceiling. Before she could protest, Michael fastened her wrists in the restraints. Confused, she was unable to even protest with her feet before she felt her ankles pinned to the cement floor by another set of restraints. Michael pulled on a chain, and Melinda's arms raised into the air. Her hands were above her head, pointing outwards. A few moments later, her feet were spread apart. Melinda felt the bulk of her weight removed from the floor and now suspended by the straps. Evidently they were made of a powerful material.

Melinda was starting to get scared when she noticed a second shape moving in the shadows. There was another man in the basement! Michael moved up before her, staring spitefully into her eyes.
Read The 1st Section of Part III...

The Truck Stop $1.25 donation   Paypal or C2it to - Email for alternate method
The story of a mother and her son on the run from an abusive husband. With no money and no where to turn, the mother has to rely on 'herself' to provide food and shelter for her child.
"My son and I, we've been traveling for a long time. And.. and, we are out of money, and, and..."
"You lookin' for a handout, missy?" the other man said.
"I got a buck I can give a sweet, pretty thing like yourself." The blue-capped man said cheerfully. He began to reach for his wallet.
"Well, the thing is, I, I need more than that."
"Excuse me?"
"I need to get a hotel room, and gas, and I..."
"Lady," the blue-capped man said, "I don't just put up any stranger for a night."
"I'm not asking for a handout." Shirley said.
"I'm not asking for a handout!" she said, a bit more loudly than she intended.
The men sat silent with curious looks on their faces.
"I, I'm willing to perform a service for the money." She whispered the sentence as she looked at the counter.
"What kind of service?" the red-capped man asked.
Shirley looked up, into his eyes.
"I think you know what kind of service I mean."
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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner $1.50 donation   Paypal or C2it to - Email for alternate method
Complete. A sequel to "Breakfast." New bride --and nursing mother-- Kim has to deal with her new "relationship" with her husband's best friend, and keep it a secret....

Joe practically ran to the bathrooms. Just as he hoped, they were empty. He went into the stall, dropped his pants, and clasped his hand around his cock. I'm gonna cum quick. He thought. He need to, he needed to ease his aching cock with the images of Kim's breasts and their milk still fresh in his mind. His hand glided smoothly over his shaft for a minute. Until...
"Joe?" It was Kim's voice! Joe stopped masturbating and fumbled with his jeans. Be fore he got rezipped, Kim had opened the door to his stall.
Kim had unbuttoned her blouse. Her hands were undoing the clasp of the bra. It wasn't his identity she was asking for, it was a favor.
Joe leaped up and buried his face in Kim's chest. Their bodies pushed backwards, against the bathroom wall, as Joe fumbled with the clasp. He freed her breasts. They bounced needingly into the open, and Joe clamped his mouth on her right nipple.
The milk streamed once again down his throat. Kim cried out, but covered her mouth as she knew her husband was still at the picnic table. He had thought she was going to the ladies room, and she made sure he didn't see her as she entered the men's instead. Now she only hoped that her fever could be relieved quickly, so they could return.
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The Substance - Part 5 $1.50 donation   Paypal or C2it to - Email for alternate method
Rick continues to use is substance to seduce the women of his desire, discovering that the greatest thrill comes from fucking women in front of their men. When he sees an old enemy engaged to a beautiful model, revenge is on his mind as much as lust.

Samantha walked into the set feeling a little less confused and more assured, but, quickly found herself plunged back into a state of shock. Her fellow models -- Kelly, Lily, and Michelle -- were all on their backs. They all looked barely conscious, and they all had one hand lifting their panties while the other worked frantically inside.
They were masturbating.
Samantha felt her own cunt twinge. She needed to sit. She needed to lay down. She needed... to rub herself. She eyed a featherbed off to the side. It was a prop intended for her final shots, for the outfit she had on now. Samantha stepped towards it, and felt a pussy tickle shoot through her. She could feel herself getting wet. Something was going on. Her mind quickly fired off a succession of thoughts. Somehow, they had been drugged. Somehow, something had been put into their bodies to make them sexually aroused. As she saw the strange man re-enter the set, Samantha had a pretty good idea of who it was. Another twinge forced her into the feather bed. She opened her legs, and slipped her hand inside her panties. Sweet relief. Samantha moaned softly to herself as the tickling subsided. She felt back in control.
Read The Entire 1st Chapter...

In Need of Something More (Expanded) $0.80 donation   Paypal or C2it to - Email for alternate method
An expanded version of the story! More detail, and, more encounters between Melinda and Michael...

"When are you going to call?" she asked, praying it wouldn't be long. Despite the fact she had just had an incredible orgasm, her body was already twitching for more.
"Don't ask." Michael said. "Let me surprise you."
Melinda wanted something more definite, more soon. "Ok." She said, weakly. Michael started for the glass door. "Michael?" her body was thirsting already, more from the thought of a drought from Michael's attention than actually needing him now.
"Can you come back - tonight?"
Michael smiled that confident smile of a man who had conquered a woman. No more would he hear her attempt to limit their encounters. She was completely his, and he loved it.
"What time?"
Melinda had asked the question without much thought. Now, her thoughts scrambled to find an answer. How long would Alan be awake? Could she sneak away to be with Michael?
"Late." She said finally. "It has to be late."
Michael walked up to her, and placed the open palm of his hand on her pussy.
"Call me, when you're ready. You don't have to speak. Meet me outside at the pool."
Melinda nodded and smiled. Her body squirmed from Michael's goodbye touch.
"Don't wear a bathing suit. " Michael said, eyeing her bra and torn panties on the sofa. "Wear something like this..."

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