Hi! Welcome to THE RONIN WARRIORS PAGE! I have to say your in for a real treat. You see, The Ronin Warriors is probably my favaorite anime as of yet and believe me I've seen plenty. It was also my first introducton into anime as well. The Ronin Warriors is actually the american version of the Japanesse anime Samuri Troopers and spans about what one would call two seasons when talking about a real show like on t.v. It was made a good while back, I'd say the early 90's. Now enough with the backround and on with the summary!

The Ronin Warriors takes place in Tokyo, Japan and is what I think to be present day. It centers around five teenage guys (they're each about 17 or 18) who wear mystical armors and are summoned to Toyko. It isn't long before they find themselves fighting The Evil Dynasty and it's leader Tulpa who wants the Ronnin's armors so that he can materilze from his spirit form and destroy the world himself. The warriors do get help from an ancient and mysterious monk, a girl about their age who knows a great deal on the ancient teachings and such, and young boy who can often cause more problems than he solves. The ronins are also generally fighting Tulpa's evil generals who also wear mystical armors of their own.

This is only a light touch on the series but below is some more outlets for you to explore and get a better look at the show. I hope you'll take time to check them all out and please feel free to email with any questions, comments, suggestions, or whatever else may be on your mind. Thanks!

CHARACTER PAGE: Gives an inlook to all the characters, good and evil, along with a picture or two.

IMAGE GALLERY: All sorts of pictures, includes groups and other indivdual shots. More will be added soon.

MULTIMEDIA: Has some nice tunes and a few movies as well. It will be gettting bigger.

LINKS: Has several links to all sorts of other Ronin Warrior sites on the web! Make sure you check them all out!