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In the still of the night, the voice of the wolf breaks the silence and his howl chills the bone.  He is a hunter and he is unafraid.  Another voice joins the song and their melodies mingle crying up to the moon telling the world they are free.

At a restaurant a man catches your eye.  His eyes are bright and clear.  He focuses on you, his stare never waivers.  You have no choice but to look away.

Werewolves walk among us.  They live in our world, but are not a part of it.  They are co-workers, people in the crowd, a flash of fur in the forest at night.  Werewolves exist.

The world of
Cursed is a grittier, darker world than ours. Werewolves are the bad guys from legend and haunt the distant memory of humankind.  Werewolves are Cursed.  They struggle with thier dual nature of man and wolf, supported only by a pack of others who are likewise Cursed.  For some the curse is accepting who they are, and for others it is a struggle against it.  The only goal is survival in a world that Humans have overrun.  

d is a Live Action Role Play game where players create Cursed werewolf charcters. The game draws on many sources, pulling from books, movies, and other role-play games.  LARP rules will utilize many of the basics in the White-Wolf Laws of the Night, and Laws of the Wild. Specific changes are covered under the creation section and rules suppliment links.
Werewolf - The Curse
Werewolf - The Pack perspective
Werewolf - A Mutt's point of view
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