Frequently Asked Questions


    Is this legal?

It is legal to own, run, and develop Stotella; to share any files that are rightfully yours; and download public, free, or non-copyrighted files.

It is illegal to use Stotella for the purpose of downloading or sharing copyrighted files. Examples are things such as music, movies and commercial software. As a good rule of thumb, take the Recording Industry Association of America's opinion: "Unless you explicitly know that a file is not copyrighted, it probably is."

    Will I get in trouble with the school for using Stotella?

Not likely. The program has been around for several years by now, and there have been no reports of school punishment for individual use of the software.

    What is my IP address?

All IP addresses on the St. Olaf Campus are of the form, where xxx designates the building the computer is located in and yyy is specific to your personal machine.

Since you need to know your IP address to tell a new user how to get on the network, here's an easy way to find out:

For Windows 95/98/ME: Select Run... from the Start menu, type winipcfg , and click on OK.

For Windows NT/2000/XP: Start a Command Prompt shell by selecting Run... from the Start menu, typing cmd , and clicking on OK. A window should pop up with a DOS prompt. Type ipconfig and press ENTER.

I've installed Stotella. What is an IP address I can connect to?

We aren't the ones you should be asking about. The best thing to do is to call up one of your friends who is running Stotella and get their IP address.

Another thing to do is to share files. When somebody downloads a file from you, or you download from them, your machine must make a direct connection. This means more people will know about your presence on the network.

I don't have lots of connections! Is this a problem?

The design of Stotella 5's network connection setup is different than previous versions. Whenever you connect to a machine you haven't connected to before, Stotella will remember who you have connected to -- as long as Stotella remains installed on the machine. Thus, after you've been on the network for a while, you won't have any problem coming back on at a later date!

No, really -- I don't have lots of connections!! I need more!

Truth be told, you will be fine with even one connection to the Stotella network. From there, you are capable of searching the entire network. Stotella's code base was designed to work reliably and well on modem connections, which are capable only of 2-3 concurrent connections. Anything more than that is simply insurance that you will remain connected to the network.

Additionally, if you search or download from the network, your machine will remember the connection the next time you restart Stotella.

I use a Mac! Where's the Mac version?!!

It's in progress. Quit complaining. Otherwise, it might not come around.

If you have other questions we should answer here, email us.

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