Maps of Peloponnesos
Map of Stoupa
Pictures of the Acropilis
Welcome to Stoupa Greece, located in beautiful Peloponnessos. Crystal clear waters laying on the steps of the Taigetos Mountains. Bask in the lazy afternoons on the coastline of the Mediterranean.

Peleponnesos is the southernly most region of the mainland of Greece. It is a land of staggering beauty and haunting landscapes.

A series of mountain chains that fall off to lush plains in the north and sheer cliffs in the south have created a stunning variety of landscapes. In the barren south, the limestone cliffs have eroded, creating the famous sea caves of Diros and many dramatic gorges, gulf, and capes.
Halikoura Beach
Stoupa's olive trees used for Kalamata Olive Oil
Southern side of Stoupa