St Peter's Church, Tiverton

Here is a picture of our church at the heart of Devon in the UK

St. Peter's Tiverton is a friendly Church welcoming all age groups despite its almost Cathedral-like size. The first stone church on this site was consecrated in 1073 (find the Norman door!) It has seen many changes including damage during the Civil War and a major enlargement during the 19th century. Of particular interest are the carvings on the Greenway Chapel built by a wool merchant of Tiverton, John Greenway in the early 16th century.

This web page was one of the first in Tiverton and has been superceded by a new website for our church. The Web address is click here if you want to go directly to the site. Hang on a moment and you will be redirected automatically to the new site. Please remember to update your bookmarks to get to our new website directly.

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