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Are you a Strickland , Travis , or Young , Help me trace our roots

Hi I'm Tommy Strickland
I have been trying to trace my roots so to say I've been doing our family tree. We live in Louisiana now , lots of the Stricklands live in Mississippi.With the Travis living in Louisiana and all over, and I don't have much on the Youngs at all. Can you help ??

I have traced the Stricklands back to Henry Strickland from GA. One problem with Henry, I don't know for sure who his father is . It's either Soloman or his brother Robert. Can you help???

Here are some pictures of my family.

Tessie and granddaughter Whitney

our grands kids by our oldest son Joseph.
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You can visit the STRICKLAND CASTLE or SIZERGH as it is known as at the link below.

Robert Galloway Strickland and Family

check out my picture link below it has alot of old pictures from my family

My Strickland line starting with me and going back will be Tommy,Eddie,Frances,Frank,Robert,Henry. If you can tie in somewhere or need a more detail list email me and I will be glade to provide you with the entire family tree I have. I have it all the way back to England with only a couple of question to iron out.

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Paw paw Charlie and My grandson Nathaniel.
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