Nashville Hopeful Singer/Songwriter

Paul Tremblay Sr

Howdy folks, and thanks for visiting my webpage.
Hopefully, this will answer any questions that you might have for me, so here goes.
My first start in music was playing drums at age 11.
But, found out how much fun it was pickin' a guitar, and soon
thereafter took over my younger brother's guitar.
I've been playing now since age 12,
and as all young boy's do,
I fullfilled that dream of playing in a neighborhood band,
at an early age.
Playin' Church and School dances and parties was a great experience,
and joined with a few other local groups as the years went by.
I continued on as I traveled for a few years in the US Air force
during the Viet Nam conflict and met some great musicians along the
way, and I was introduced to Country Music, by some great friends.
After being discharged in 1972, I returnd home and settled down,
takin' the girl of my dreams as my wife. Still pickin' and grinnin'
we raised two fine kids, but the good old days of playin' out on stage
had come to a close. After 20 years of marriage to the love of my
life, Peggy lost her battle to breast cancer. She was only 43.
And my family and friends realized that I could channel the pain and
suffering through my music. So I began writing songs, as the lyrics
just flowed out from deep inside this broken heart. And little by
little, I started my collection of what is now over 60 songs. As time
progressed and my interests in songwriting grew stronger, I found
that I was able to research song publishing companies over the
internet. I have just received a contract from one one of Nashville's
Songwriting Production Companies, and I'm working on getting
some of my songs on demo's. Thanks again for visitin'
and I hope you like the samples of my song
lyrics that I've made available for you to read.
God Bless and keep it country.