Quotes from the Sports World

"We are all in Jerry's shadow. None of our receivers will be able to excel until he retires." - San Francisco 49'ers wide receiver Terrell Owens. What happened to learning from the best and respecting the best receiver ever to play the game? Anyone else smell another 4-12 season coming?

"Take no prisoners, knock 'em down, and when they're on the ground shoot 'em to make sure they're dead," - Toronto Blue Jays pitching coach Dave Stewart on how Billy Koch closes games.

"There's always room on top if you're man enough to push the other guy off." - Unknown

"In a blind town, the one-eyed man is king," - Ken Harrelson discussing the fact that only one team in the NL Central is above .500 (mid-August)

"He's got a full six pack but he lacks the plastic thingy that holds it together," - Rick Sutcliffe describing Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Carlos Perez

"He can get to 0-2 as fast as any hitter," - unknown announcer speaking of Felix Jose

"This stuff about the Braves pitchers getting 6 inches off the plate is just foolish," - Major League baseball umpire Harry Wendlestedt

"He could hit a gnat in the behind from 60 feet 6 inches," - Ken Harrelson about Catfish Hunter's control on the mound

"There wasn't enough mustard in the world to cover that much hot dog," - George Steinbrenner about Reggie Jackson

"He's only got five fingers. It's not that hard to figure out," - Steve Stone on Antonia Osuna continually shaking off signs and stepping off the mound.