Straight Guys Rule!

This place IS the group where straight guys meet faggots who know their place in the world

Details Below

This place is NOT a place where fags talk fag sex


Details Below


Its a consensual adult group for & about adults 18+ & age / gender must be on your profile. If you are aware of any pictures or material that is inappropriate, copyrighted, or illegal, advise & it will be removed

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To go to the group, click here - Straight Guys Rule!

BUT don't join unless you know what your requirement is

(depending on whether yr straight or a fag)

Homos in this group acknowledge that in the natural order of things, a young straight guys is the real man naturally dominant and aggresive in his relations with the world a person deserving of respect, attention, and service on their terms! Fags are nature's way of providing a submissive outlet for straight guys to unleash their awesome power and receive full respect & whimpering devotion in return. All aspects of the group are active: Messages, Chat, Polls, Database, Links, Files, Photos (lots of women!)
Straight guys are upgraded to 'Real Men' membership meaning you are able to post freely on any subject without having to wait for moderator approval .

The fags of the group are at your disposal - feel free to use/abuse them as you wissh - these cocksuckers are here *to work* for you. It's a power trip!

Faggots in the group must be respectful/submissive to these young straight men at all times, available for work/abuse/bullying.

NOTE: This group does *NOT* support or condone violence - there's a big difference between (1) a faggot submissively trying to please a straight guy who in turn is dispensing verbal abuse or bullying and (2) the physical attack & injury of a person