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hello all. a big thank you to everyone who came out to the cd release. it was a whole lot of fun. theres lots of new shows coming up, check below for details.

[upcoming shows.]

friday june 7 at the m.u.s.e.
$5 7pm all ages
(with julias seizure, national green)

tuesday, june 11th at nxt generation
7pm $10 all ages
(with sleepytime gorrilla museum, scatter the ashes, look what i did)

tuesday, june 18th at indienet
7pm $5 all ages
(with rushmore, curbside service)

i'm opening most of these shows, so come early!

check out the free mp3s and please post your comments in the forum.

straight jacket valentine is an angular, emotional, acoustic project consisting of one member, matthew bell, frontman for nashville power pop band silent friction ( new full length album "a torrid account of a tired affair" available now for $10. tracks include: whichever so compels, maria, caramel and my guitar, loss of essence, outrage to reason/enraged to think, all the pain that passion brings, we've always been on our way out, loved and lost, vinyl siding on the glass ceiling and razorwiresharpregret.

bright eyes, kind of like spitting, esposito, dashboard confessional, pedro the lion, built to spill, the new amsterdams, thursday, saves the day, the get up kids.

"STRAIGHT JACKET VALENTINE. The solo project from Silent Friction frontman Matthew Bell. His one-man acoustic effort resembles emo types such as Dashboard Confessional, Bright Eyes and Pedro the Lion. He celebrates the release of his new CD, A Torrid Account of a Tired Affair. with RUSHMORE, ROYAL HIGH and STOP30. 7 p.m., NXT Generation Performance Hall."
-rage magazine

mailing address:   1301 greenwood ave
city:   nashville, TN  37206

straight jacket valentine i'm yours and you are mine
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