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Radio Commercials  (audio samples coming soon)

Straight Out Back .Com is your home for Audio Production for Radio and Television as well as other applications where a professional Broadcast Engineer and Talent is needed.  Professional voice-work for commercials, public service announcements, station image, and workparts!

Broadcast Radio Engineering Services


Television commercials (soundtrack only)

Affordable Rates for pro-audio work

Straight Out Back .Com is your contact for Broadcast Engineering Services.  No contract is necessary to benefit from the services of an experienced broadcast engineer.

AM and FM Studio and Transmitter repair

Affordable Engineering Services for small broadcast groups, or stand-alone stations.   Directional AM antenna systems. Specialize in studio audio systems

We make commercials from your copy, we can even write broadcast copy for you.  If you don't know where to start with a Radio, or TV ad soundtrack, come to us!  We have over 20 years of old-school broadcast know-how to deliver your message!

How it works:  You send me your requirements for writing the script , or the script itself.  Then we produce it into a Radio or TV soundtrack.  The audio is e-mailed to you, or posted on your FTP server, as required.  If e-mailed your audio will be MP3 pro-quality (all work is done in Cool Edit Pro).   If FTP, your audio will be 44.1Khz 16bit WAV or MP3 as you specify.  (MP3s of no less than 128Kbps at 44.1Khz, 16 bits will be used as a matter of policy.    Higher quality MP3s are available upon request.  Files are available in WAV format up to 48 Khz sampling.  Support for  24 and 32 bit audio files presently not available.  (Please note:  we adhere strongly to 60 and 30 second time standards for copy.  Therefore, any copy that is written long is subject to editing with your approval of edited parts.  (Poetic license is also an understood concept of broadcast advertising, and from time to time may be exercised.)

Get ready to dig in your spurs!  This website is new and expanding.  I'm adding more to the site soon.  Exciting sounds of real radio, the way it's meant to be, are coming too!

I invite you to call for more information about Straight Out Back Productions and the many professional broadcast and studio services offered. 

     Phone  (989) 362-4998  or 

Marvin Walther at

Project Studio for Hire

TAPES AND RECORDS TRANSFERRED TO CD (with careful, museum-quality restoration)



Thanks for visiting!  We'll have more fun stuff coming soon!  We hope you'll eventually find this to be a Marvelously "Marvie!" website for broadcast professionals, and anyone interested in audio! - Thanks, 

Marvelous Marvin

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