The Street Academy

A twenty-three member Board of Trustees runs the Street Academy with an executive chairman. The chairman is Kofi Sawpong. Ataa Lartey, the founder, as director, heads the Academy. There is a teaching staff of 3, cultural and sporting activity staff of 6 and an administrative staff of 4.

The Academy

The Street Academy runs a non-formal school from classes one to three. Classes begin at 9.00 a.m. and close at 1.30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Free Education

The children do not pay school fees and are encouraged to develop interesting in learning. Those who have developed keen interest in learning are sent to formal school on the Academy’s Scholarship. Others are sent to learn a trade (e.g. hair dresser, dress making etc.)

Academy's intake

Today, there are 460 children, both boys and girls who are supported by Academy. 93 of them are studying in the Street Academy, the rest are in the formal schools, the secondary and technical schools and univerities.

Before a child is being admitted in the Academy, a thorough interview is made to satisfy that person is qualified i.e. living on the streets and/or deprived and needy. Opinion leaders such as the assembly men, chiefs and M.Ps have been given the mandate to endors the children to the Academy our behalf.


The Street Academy organises scholarships to pay school fees for those in The Academy and for those who have entered the formal schools, secondary and technical schools on the Academy's ticket. It is the policy of The Street Academy not to "uproot" the children from their communities but encourage them rather to learn how to live exemplary lives, and hopefully impart their improved standards on their various communities.  

Educating the street child  

Expenses on each child presently cover only tuition. It takes  50,000.00 cedis (approx. 4,5 euros) to take care of one child each month.