As The Street Academy is a non-profit organisation, we depend on donations from companies, individual philantropics and other such sources of funding. Therefore, The Board of Trustees has designed a number of programmes to address the issue.
First, the needs of the children have been identified, and those placed as the priorities include:
  • Feeding - At least one meal a day. This ease the burden to work on the streets.
  • Clothing - Solicit clothing, from the public for them.
  • Clinic - Set up a clinic to look at dental, ear, nose, throat and general diseases which plague children. Their mothers will also be encouraged to attend and we hope to use the opportunity to counsel them.
  • Premises - The present premises, which is the property of the National Cultural Commission, needs urgent refurbishment. For a longer term project, The Street Academy has acquired land and is planning to build its own premises. This project could start as soon as fund are available.
  • Computers - There is an urgent need to keep accurate records on children in the Academy and those on The Academy Scholarships. In this regards we are looking for computers to enable us to set up a data bank and run a successful records office. There is also a need for a printer.

Fund raising

The Street Academy’s Board of Trustees would like to encourage all well wishers, philanthropists (both local and foreign) to associate with the Academy by being either a Life Patron, Patron or Friend. Life Patrons, could be either individuals or corporate bodies, whose annual contributions would be above US$5,000 per annum. They will also be encouraged to sponsor projects designed and approved by the Board of Trustees. Patrons will contribute minimum US$1,000 each year and Friends will give any amount they can afford.

Patrons and Friends are also encouraged to participate in diverse ways in The Street Academy’s programmes. We consider all to be stake-holders who will want to see child streetism minimized if not eradicated in Ghana.