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14th Annual Chester County, PA
SPCA "Walk For Paws" (5/6/01)

The Chester County SPCA is a non-profit animal welfare organization. Sponsorship money will be used for adopting animals into loving homes, humane education that makes children and adults better pet owners as well as more responsible citizens, and pet visitation that allows individuals in nursing homes the unconditional love and attention of companion animals. This is the 14th year of the "Walk For Paws". Blockhead Bulldogs has participated for a good number of those years. This is an organization that is one of the few that treats Pit Bulls and AmStaffs humanely, and gives them hope of adoption. Other SPCAs in our area (The Philadelphia SPCA) would prefer to euthanize them instead. Please show your support for one that gives them a chance.

13th Annual Chester County, PA
SPCA "Walk For Paws" (5/7/00)

In 2000 Babe and I walked in the "Walk For Paws" getting $100 in sponsor money to donate to the SPCA. It is an annual event benefiting the SPCA of Chester County, PA. We joined hundreds of other people and dogs of all breeds and mixes imaginable to raise money for the shelter. This is Babe's first year walking, but Blockhead Bulldogs have walked for this cause in the past. 2 years ago Cheyenne participated in the 11th Annual Walk. We had hoped to provide the public with good examples of what the true, happy, people-loving dog a pit bull is. Also in 2001, Cowboy and I walked. Below are a few pictures from the 2000 event at Myrick Nature Center.

Me and Babe with the mascots for the Chester County SPCA.

Babe & I with Bridget Taylor and
an AmStaff female attending the walk.
Babe with an AmStaff adopted out
by the Chester Co. SPCA