When I was around 13 years old, 5 of my tomboy friends and I formed a girl gang. In the beginning, we did what we always did; that's to say, we just hung out. But once word spread that we'd formed a gang, we soon felt obliged to play the part of gang members. So , naturally, we made more of an attempt to look tough. Because we weren't just girls anymore; we were part of an exclusive organization open only to the cool girls like us. We really didn't know how our lives would change as members of a girl gang. We just wanted to be part of something special.

It only took a couple of weeks as a girl gang for each of us to realize the effect we were having on our fellow classmates, especially the boys. It almost seemed as if they were afraid of us. So we began what I'd have to describe as a campaign of terror. We'd throw them mocking glances and glare at them until they ran off home. It didn't take much to intimidate, just sheer force of numbers. Boys would walk to the other side of the street when they saw us milling about on the sidewalk. They gave us a wide berth; sometimes we'd pretend to follow them and watch, to our amusement, as they tried to outdistance us. But we could only provoke this kind of fear when we hung out as a gang. And we had the most fun scaring the boys. They were a mystery we wanted to solve.

We took advantage of this new climate of fear by committing two of our first outrageous acts. There was always something sacrosant about the boys room; I suppose because it was off limits to us girls. So we decided to dispel the mystery and finally satisfy our curiosity. And now that we were part of a gang it was as if we could do just about whatever we wanted; things we knew we weren't supposed to do. But we were going to do it anyway. Because we could. So during lunch we decided to walk into the boys room and look around.

The six of us just stepped right in, as if we had every right to be there. A few boys standing outside the bathroom door were completely speechless as we walked in single file. I suspected that the boys room smelled worse than the girls room and it did. They had urinals and there were two boys at the stalls.

Melanie and Alexa giggled and the boys turned around. We saw there faces turn crimson, which made Melanie, Alexa and the rest of us giggle some more. One of the boys zipped up his pants and ran off; but the other one just stood there, too astonished to do anything. We approached him with an intimidating swagger but we had a hard time refraining from giggling. Once we collected around him, Shelly pointed to the floor and we saw a puddle of urine. "You missed," said Tracy with a snigger. It took the boy a few seconds to collect his thoughts and to realize that he was taking a leak on the floor; he panicked and began to turn around towards us, for some reason. A few of us got a quick flash of his wrinkled little penis as he attempted to push it inside his pants. Melanie and Carla squealed with delight. I don't think they'd ever see one; at least, not up close. He was still urinating as he did this and he must have peed his pants as he stumbled out of the room.

For the next ten minutes or so, we just hung out in the boys room and laughed about what we just did. A few boys opened the door; but, upon seeing us there, they left. We encouraged them to come in but they just fled. The boys were too afraid to use the bathroom while we were inside.

The first outrageous act inspired the next one. We decided to walk through the boys locker room after the boys got back from P.E. We'd casually walk through from one end to the other; and that's precisely what we did. The six of us just passed into the locker room, single file, and we walked by the rows of lockers and saw the seventh-grade boys in various stages of undress. Some of them were horrified and attempted to conceal themselves as we brazenly stared at them. Others just looked; one boy just stared at us, probably not aware that we was wearing nothing but a pair of briefs. Tracy and Melanie stifled a few giggles and Tracy pointed at him and whispered something to melanie. This brought the boy to his senses because he immediately retreated behind a locker. Some of the boys were almost as amused as we wee; but they just stared at us. No one was talking; it was totally silent as we looked down each row of lockers and took the boys by surprise. Whenever we saw a boy in his underpants we'd point and laugh; not to embarrass the boy but, because it was so new to us. I've never seen so many red faces.

We saw one boy returning from the showers with a towel wrapped around him; he stopped in his tracks as we brushed by him. I tugged at his towel but he scurried off. We could hear the showers and as we entered the shower room, we saw three boys, completely naked, under the shower taps. I whistled and two of them turned around. They quickly covered themselves with their hands and cringed under the showers. We just watched them for a full minute, giggling to ourselves as we relished the freedom of seeing our classmates in the buff. Unfortunately, we didn't get a good look at their privtes but we got a good look at their bare bottoms. And then we left, as casually as we'd entered.

Of course, some boy told the principal about this and we got in trouble. We were called into the principal's office and he told us never to do anything like that. He let us go with nothing more than a warning. We saw a boy just waiting outside the principal's office, and we knew he was the squealer. It was Billy Dawson, a bit of a geek really, and he glared at us as if we'd ever be intimidated by one little boy. We crowded around him, to put the fright into him, and just he ran off. It was amazing what we could do as a girl gang.

But from then on, we couldn't walk into the boysroom or locker room. Teachers stood near the doors; so we had to think of other outrageuos things to do. The six of us really wanted to teach Billy Dawson a lesson and so we soon hatched a plan. We didn't know exaclty what we were going to do; but we wanted to torment him a bit. We'd even intimidated one of the younger boys to help us out. We threatened to beat the crap out of him (which was just a bluff because we had no idea how to do such a thing) and he agreed to lure Billy into the boysroom. On Tuesdays, Billy stayed after school to tutor some of the younger kids. And since there would be no teachers around we decided that this would be the best time to get our revenge.

So as the tutoring session drew to a close, we told the kid to blatantly grab Billy's bookbag and run with it into the boysroom. We sent him off on his errand and we hid inside the boysroom, struggling to keep from giggling at the thought of what we were going to do with Billy. Sure enough, the little boy raced into the bathroom with Billy's backpack and, within seconds, Billy followed him inside. Billy looked about ready to murder the kid but, as the door shut behind him, he noticed the six of us, grinning at him. We closed around him; and the kid dropped the bag and ran outside.

We began to pinch him and grab at him roughly as we cirled around him. Billy seemed too frightened to move. "So what are we going to do with him," I asked the others. "I wanted to see what a penis looked like," complained Shelly, "and no we can't go into the boys locker room." "And now we can't," exclaimed Carla, "because of you." With that, she tugged at his shirt and he moved towards her, involuntarily. We giggled. And then I came up with the idea which would change everything.

"If you show us your penis," I remarked, "we'll forgive you for ratting on us, you little weasel." The others were pleased with the idea and Melanie told Billy to take out his penis so Shelly could see what one looked like. Billy was still too horrified to do anything. "Come on," I insisted. "If you don't, we'll beat the crap out of you," added Tracy in a gruff voice. Another bluff, but we poked and prodded at him and pushed him back and forth to each other until he attempted to make a break for the door. He didn't stand a chance.

Alexa and Shelly were in front of the door and the Tracy and I grabbed him by the back of his pants and held on to him. Thankfully, he was smaller than most of us so we had no trouble holding on to him. And then Carla pulled out his shirt and grabbed hold of the back of his underpants. I grabbed hold as well and we pulled on them until we were practically holding Billy up by his underpants. I'd never given a wedgie and I'd certainly never seen anyone give a wedgie like this. Billy yelped and begged us to stop. I told him he'd have to promise to show us his penis before we'd consider letting go of him. He persisted in whining and begging us to let go, so we tugged harder until he agreed to show us his penis.

But when we let go of his underpants, he again attempted to break free of us, but we grabbed him and Alexa, Carla and I wrestled him to the floor. "Just leave me alone," he cried but we just held him down to the floor, using our hands and knees to keep him in place. He struggled furiously but the six of us we were easily able to control him.

And then I had another inspired thought. 'If you won't show it to us, we'll check it out anyway. " The others giggled and Carla sat on his chest; but we still had no plan. But then it happened. The others needed no prompting. We looked at each other and giggled, knowing we were thinking the same mischievous thoughts. Tracy and Melanie took off Billy's shoes and Alexa, almost beside herself laughing, began to undo his belt. He flailed about but, thankfully, Carla was sitting on him; so he couldn't move very much. And Carla covered his mouth with her hand so we didn't have to hear him whine while we pulled of his pants.

Tracy and Melanie helped to hold his legs straight as Alexa and I undid his pants zipper and within seconds we'd pulled his pants down to his ankles and Tracy and Melanie whisked them off his feet. We handed them to Shelly who squealed with delight at being able to hold onto them. Bily looked so funny laying there in his cotton briefs and blue socks, with Carla sitting on top of him, that we had to pause just to laugh over what we'd just done. We were almost in tears at just how hilarious he looked in his underpants. We handed his pants back and forth, and held them up for him to see. Oh, it was so much fun tormenting him like this.

But we soon caught ourselves looking at his underpants and we shared a collective grin. I nodded to Alexa, who, along with Tracy reached for his underpants. Tracy gasped and I think we were all a little excited; and then they quickly pulled his underpants down his legs, leaving them at his sock feet. Billy continued to flail about but we held him tight and we could hear him attempt to speak but Carla's hand prevented him from saying anything. We were mesmerized. We watched as his penis and balls bounced around from all of the lurching he was doing, and we were transfixed. "They're funny," said Tracy. We giggled at that. But they were funny-looking. And there was a litle tuft of hair just above the base of the penis. But what fascinated us the most wasn't the peculiar shape of the male genitalia, but the fact that his penis seemed to be growing in size as we looked at it.

When Tracy touched the penis shaft, just to see what it felt like, Billy stopped shifting about. He just lay there while Melanie and I also touched it. it was hard, yet satiny smooth; and as I ran my fingers up the shaft it got even bigger. We were all quiet as we familiarized ourselves with the male anatomy. All I could hear was Billy's heavy breathing.

We were never given a chance to do anything like this in our Sex Ed. class. We were suppose to be content wth drawings. But we had to pull Billy's pants off to really learn something about boys. Oh, if only Sex. Ed. could have been more like this. We could have had the boys drop their pants for us while we examined them, and learned about how the penis becomes erect. But we all knew then that this would only be the start of something exciting. Billy would be the first boy we pantsed; he definiely wouldn't be the last. We were too curious. Did other boys look the same?

We must have examined him for about five minutes before we decided to let him go; but not without having some more fun with him, at his expense. We let go of him and watched as he attempted to stand up with his underpants around his ankles. He looked so ridiculous like that we just broke out into fits of laughter. He quickly pulled up his underpants; but he still looked ridiculous. Melanie held out his pants. "I suppose you want these back," she asked. Billy reached for hem but she pulled them out of reach; and then she threw them to Carla. Billy ran over to Carla but she threw the pants over to Alexa. It was fun just making him run around for us in his underpants. So we took advantage of the situation to toss his pants around. And when I offered them to him, he extended his hands, grateful for an end to the ordeal; but I just threw them to Shelly and we kept him on his toes like this for about five minutes. It was too much fun and I don't remember doing anything to make us giggle this much, apart from pulling off Billy's pants and underpants.

I then told him that I'd give him his pants back if he promised not to tell anyone. He promised and I threw them to him. I've never seen anyone get dressed so quickly. "But if you do tell anyone," I explained "we'll do this to you in front of your friends." I meant it and he realized that. He walked to the door but Carla and Melanie stepped in front of him, just to give him one last taste of our power over him. As soon as they stepped aside, he was out the door. I peeked out and saw him racing down the hallway and out of the school. We just looked at each other and we were in stitches once again.

But this was only the beginning. We pantsed Derek Webber next. And this was because Shelly had a bit of a crush on him. One of us lured him back to the wooded area just behind the field and, once we had him cornered, we revealed ourselves. We formed a circle around him and informed him that we wanted him to show us his penis. He said no, but I could tell he was afraid. As we circled him, we just savored the fear. "If you don't we'll make you." His eyes darted about, looking for the best escape route and then he made a mad dash for the clearing, just between Shelly and Alexa. He didn't get far because Alexa had grabbed his shirt. And then we all pounced on him and wrestled him to the floor until we had him pinned down. Melanie and Tracy made quick work of his shoes. Carla and I fumbled with his pant zipper and, within seconds, we'd pulled his pants off. And then I turned to Shelly; she was staring at his colored briefs and the unmistakable bulge in the pants. he was thrashing about, just like Billy. But one boy doesn't stand a chance against six girls.

"This is for you," I told her. "Go ahead, pull them of." We giggled and positioned ourselves for a good look. I was siting on Derk's chest so I just turned around and watched as Tracy slid his underpants down his legs. His penis practically popped out; and it bounced around as he continued to thrash about. Once Shelly took his penis in her hand and held it, Derek stopped moving. He just lay there as Shelly stroked his penis. "It's so smooth," she exclaimed. If she wasn't in love with him before she was definitely in love with him now. We let her touch it to her heart's content before we took turns examining the shape and the feel of a boy's erect penis. It was amazing that something so funny-looking could also be so beautiful. We really got an eyeful. But we had to let him go; but not before Carla slipped his underpants from his ankles and handed them to Shelly. "Here's a memento," said Carla with giggle. Shelly accepted the gift and held Derek's underpants in her hands, almost reverently. We just laughed at her; we'd never seen her look so silly. Yes, she was definitely in love.

We played catch with his pants before finally giving them to him on condition he not tell anyone about what happened. He promised and ran away, but not before pulling his pants back on. Shelly slipped his underpants into her pocket. And though we'd only just began to relish the power that comes of being ina girl gang, Shelly's ridiculous reaction to Derek's underpants was a sign that things would quickly change for us. Naturally, we would soon become more concerned with attracting the boys instead of scaring them away. But we managed to strip seven other boys, in similar fashion, before the end of the eighth-grade school year. Most of us were fourteen by then; but things had changed. Two of us had boyfriends and the rest of us were envious.

We soon became more competitive and less apt to share experiences with boys. But this was bound to happen. Shelly wouldn't let us strip Derek again; she wanted him to herself. And when she gave him his underpants, Derek proved to be rather foriving. I think he just wanted her to touch his penis again. And she did. But she didn't tell us much about her experiences with Derek.

We did strip Billy again; but not because he told anyone. The boys were very good at keeping their mouth's shut; and I'm sure that each of them probably thought they were the only boy to get examined by us. No, we stripped Billy just because we felt like it; and because we could. He was much more cooperative this time, knowing that the experience would result in having his penis and balls fondled by the six of us. I don't know who enjoyed the experiences more, us or the boys. Personally, I preferred the process of breaking the boys in, of holding them down and pulling off their pants. It was always exciting to savor just how afraid the boys were of us and of being exposed in front of six of their female classmates.

Our gang disbanded in high school; but Carla, Melanie and I would strip the occasional guy even in 12th grade. Pulling off a guy's pants and exposing him was always the best part.; I just loved how the guys' faces would flush red with embarrassment. And to see how helpless and ashamed they were without their pants. I especially loved having them beg me for their pants back.

And, needless to say, sorority life in college was a blast. Thanfully, we had an understanding with one of the frats and they'd send us pledges to get stripped naked and humiliated. So it only got better. But it all started with our girl gang in middle school; and I've been obsessed with forcing guys to get naked, in front of me and my friends, ever since those golden years. Oh, there are more stories to tell but I thought I should, at the very least, tell you how things got started for me.