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These are some of my favorite sports team logos of all-time, with a few comments too!



Vancouver Canucks   Late 60s-Mid 70s

I personally always liked this logo...nice symmetry how the hockey stick in the rink makes a letter "C" for Canucks.


Oakland Seals   Late 60s-Early 70s

A nice one too. Very abstract. This team also used a yellow and green version of this logo until becoming the California Golden Seals and changing to a script "Seals" logo. They became the Cleveland Barons for 2 seasons in the mid 70s until going out of business and merging into the Minnesota North Stars; the last team in any of the 4 major sports leagues to go defunct.


Hartford Whalers   Late 70s-Mid 90s

I like the way this logo blends the "H", the "W", and the whale's tail. Plus they had such a cool fight song! Moved to Raleigh and became the Carolina Hurricanes in the mid 90s.


Quebec Nordiques   Early 70s-Mid 90s

Before becoming the Colorado Avalance, the franchise was the Quebec Nordiques and used this logo, a small "n" with a stick and puck next to it.

Nordiques Unused

Quebec Nordiques   Mid 90s Commissioned but Never Used

Just a few months before moving, the Nordiques commissioned a new logo and decided on this one. However it was never used by the team.


Chicago Cougars   Mid 70s

Not unlike the above Canucks logo, this WHA team for 3 years used the tail of the cougar to form a letter "C".



Seattle Pilots   1969

They only played one year in the AL before moving to Milwaukee, but they have been forever immortalized in Jim Bouton's classic book, "Ball Four".


St. Louis Browns   1904-1952

49 Seasons, One World Series in 1944 and they lost that to their crosstown rivals the Cardinals. Best known for having Pete Gray, a one-armed outfielder, in 1945; and Eddie Gaedel, the pinch-hitting midget for one game in 1951.


Original Washington Senators   1903-1960

Such an unsuccessful team they inspired the phrase, "Washington...First in War, First in Peace, and Last in the American League". They did win a World Series in 1924, and gave up on our nation's capital for 1961 and moved to Minnesota. A new Washington Senators replaced them in 1961 until moving to Texas in 1972.

Colt .45s

Houston Colt .45s   1962-1965

This team became the Astros in 1965. During their term as the Colt .45s, they paid the Colt Firearms Company for the use of the name. A name and logo like this would not be too well received today!



Miami Floridians   1969-70

One of the best logos ever! This ABA team only used it for one season, as well as the Miami location, before changing to just "The Floridians", playing in Jacksonville and Tampa Bay along with Miami, and to an awful magenta, black and orange logo with a standard basketball player. Using the dribbling kid captures the spirit of the time of South Florida as a youthful, hip, happening place.


Kansas City-Omaha Kings   Mid 70s

What I like about this is actually the location...since they split games between the 2 cities both KC and Omaha got equal billing for a few seasons. Now the Sacramento Kings.


Oakland Oaks   1967-1969

The green and gold are not the most pleasing blend of colors but I like the dribbling acorn-man. This ABA team was owned by Pat Boone, won the ABA championship the second year of the league, but lost so much money were sold and moved right away to Washington DC and later Virginia.


San Francisco Warriors   1960s

A real nice logo. Doesn't refer to San Francisco except by its local nickname, "The City". The number 14 was a tribute to Tom Meschery, a fan favorite for his hard-nosed style of play.


New Orleans Jazz   Mid-Late 70s

See the present day Utah Jazz weren't given an oxymoronic nickname on purpose. The team originated in New Orleans, and actually played some home games in the Superdome!


Buffalo Braves   Early-Late 70s

An interesting logo for a long forgotten team that had a few moments of success with Bob McAdoo and Ernie DiGregorio.


San Diego Rockets   1968-1971

A really forgotten team that never drew well during their 3 years before moving on to Houston. Their move to Houston for the 1971-72 season came so late the NBA made them play the schedule set forth for San Diego and stay for one season in a division with Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Red Skins

Sheboygan Red Skins   1949-50

This team only played one year in the NBA after moving over from the Midwest-based NBL, posted a 22-40 record and went out 2-1 in the first round of the playoffs. So what is the significance of this team today? When the NBA tried to copyright this name and logo in the mid 90s, they were refused by the Copyright Board under the reason that "Red Skins" is considered an ethnic slur and they can't be copyrighted. This decision has led to Native American groups attempting to get the copyright on the "Washington Redskins" name of the NFL revoked and therefore changed. So far their attempts have not been successful. Rumor has it, if the copyright is ever revoked, the NFL team will be renamed the "Washington Buckskins".


CFL Colts

Baltimore Colts of the CFL   Mid 90s

Yes, in the mid 90s, the CFL tried a bold expansion into the USA. This team attempted to use the old NFL Baltimore Colts name but were blocked by the NFL copyright on the name. But, with or without a name, in 1994 this team became the only non-Canadian based team to win the Canadian Football League Championship Grey Cup.


Ottawa RoughRiders   1930-Late 90s

A CFL team that went out of business in the late 90s and was finally replaced in 2002 with an expansion team called the Ottawa Renegades. During their entire run in the CFL, this team co-existed with another called the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, and each year there were a few RoughRiders vs. Rough Riders games.


Pittsburgh Steelers   Early 60s

As a Pittsburgh native, I have to love the Steelers...BUT...I have to say this was a silly logo. The steelworker is supposed to be kicking a football, but looks like he just slipped on a banana peel! Oh well...the way the Steelers played when using this logo in the early 60s slipping was more appropriate!

Broncos Helmet

Denver Broncos Helmet   Early 60s

One of the worst helmet designs ever! I have to believe the owner let his 3 year old draw the design, and the kid didn't even have any artistic ability!

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