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Chat's Most Embarassing Moment?


I'm here to tell a personal story; an embarassing story...

It all started because Lycos changed their chat client to such a sucky format. OK, really it started back in old Lycos when I met a dear but feisty chatter named A Chocoholic. We are approximately the same age and have the same weird sense of humor; in other words we get along great. But for some reason, I tend to put my foot in my mouth around her; maybe it is because she enjoys it so much.

Now here its important to note that I am of course a guy and that Choco is a woman. A happily married woman I might add; our chats are nothing more than chatting between two friends with just the very slightest tone of naughtiness on occasion.

Anyway Lycos changed their format on us and we were looking for a new place to chat. Ultimate chat seemed like a nice option; so I found myself alone there one evening with my friend Choco.

We chatted for awhile; 10 minutes, maybe 15. About what I don't remember, and its not important. My ICQ then goes off telling me I have an incoming URL. I check it out and its one of those relatively dirty sites we all seem to get far too often.

Thinking that Choco might enjoy hearing about this URL, with her aformentioned sense of humor, I decide to cut and paste it to the chat screen. Here is how it went:

StudMuffinJ:Hey should see this Message I just got on ICQ

Choco:What is it about?

StudMuffinJ:Just a sec, I'll cut and paste it

Choco:OK, Joey

StudMuffinJ:ENLARGE YOUR PENIS UP TO 100% (this was the cut and paste operation)

Of course, just right then another chatter entered; another old Lycos regular named Boin. Boin is a woman also; and seeing me and Choco alone and That line I just posted, well...

Boin: Uh..hi I interrupting something?

StudMuffinJ:Oops...Hello Boin, of course not..

Choco:Well Boin, you see...

Choco:Joey is offering to have his penis enlarged.

Boin:Oh...maybe I should just leave then...


StudMuffinJ:Cut that out! You know thats just a cut and paste from ICQ...


Boin:Yeah I had better leave...

StudMuffinJ:No, Boin, stay...Choco tell her the truth...

Choco:Oh alright...stay Boin...that was a message Joey just got on his ICQ, we are just chatting.

Boin:Oh OK...but I got to leave anyway. Bye. (Boin leaves the chatroom here)

StudMuffinJ:Well thanks a lot, Choco, for helping me out there...

Choco:Hey no problem buddy buddy.

StudMuffinJ:I was being sarcastic Choco. I guess I am lucky I didn't post the URL for Boin to see.

Choco:And what was the URL?

Now remember how I like to put my foot in my mouth? Here goes again.


StudMuffinJ:Oops...Help me scroll that off the screen Choco.


StudMuffinJ:Help me Choco!

Choco:Hahahahahaa no way buddy buddy!

At this point I began placing images on the screen, one at a time. Images are bigger than type and would help scroll that off faster.

And I was glad I did. After about 4 images two new chatters arrived...Caduceus and StraightTalker. They are both women too. But my images had scrolled the URL off the screen so they didn't see it. And it turns out they had been the ones who had sent Boin to the room! Of course Choco told them the whole embarassing she did to everyone the next few weeks.

Everytime Choco told the story I feigned embarassment. But I really wasn't. I was slightly embarassed when it happened; but only a little. And my friend Choco seemed to really enjoy telling the story over and over; and I like to see her enjoying herself.

In fact Choco got so tired of telling it I decided to create this page so she wouldn't have to anymore, and that the story would live on...and on...and on...

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