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Gita Study Group

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Goto Religious Section at specified time, to Room called ‘GITA’.]

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Dear Devotees, Hare Krishna!

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!



We have been gathering for the Gita Study regularly for two weeks.

I'd like to thank you for your kind participation.  


I've been hearing your caring feedbacks and advices on how we may improve our study time.

So now I'd like to announce few points of how we will go on in order to have a

-healthy study of Srimad Bhagavad-gita. 



These points are a set of rules for Gita Study Group that we should all follow: 




1) Typing text in group window is ONLY for urgent messages and briefly welcoming a new guest in the room.  


Please if you desire to talk with text while study is going on, you may use private messaging.  But keep in mind that even this PM tool is a disturbance to devotees who are desiring to study Srimad Bhagavad-gita. 


Welcoming a guest should be very brief like "Hare Krishna". If guest asks questions, please leave the admins take care. This is not primarily a preaching room or chatting room.  


Please do not answer guests typing in the group window especially if they are trying to create nonsense talk and thus distract you from hearing Gita.  




2) Our study program is as follows for each verse: a short kirtan-if you desire (no more then 2min), reading of Sanskrit verse, word to word and purport, and explaining what you have understood (no more then 3min).  


Please try to read loudly, clearly and "slow enough" to let everyone understand while you are reading. Try to read and understand (hear) what you read, do not go on just to finish a verse and leave room. This study time is meant for real study. 


Try to hear all devotees readings and take notes to ask questions at the end of the Gita Study time. 




3) We are reading in turns. So please keep in mind after whom you are reading so we can continue smoothly without asking "who is next?" Please use "Raise Hand" icon to take next verse. Efficient use of Paltalk will give us more time to study.  




4) Gita Study is every weekday from 8pm to 9pm GMT+2. Please let your friends hear from Sri Krishna. Invite them to join our study time. 


We are all trying to create a spiritual atmosphere where we can receive pure nourishment everyday. So all these rules are only a means to achieve it.  


Keep in mind that in order to maintain these rules we should work together. Admins will remind the rules where needed and will also use the responsibility to handle the situations through "red dot", "bouncing", or "banning".   


As the Study time will be going on under such circumstances, reminding will be ONLY ONCE and very brief like "Please don’t type in group window". So please do not get personally offended if you receive a red dot and be argumentative. Continue hearing and studying. 






Please try to give time and read this letter nicely 


Wishing you all well,

This letter is written on behalf of the Gita Study Group. 


[Today’s date is: 26 Feb 2005]





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