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Hello, and welcome to the website experience of your lifetime, assuming you like to read random shit, see stuff that will lower your I.O, and post moronic messages for the entire world to condemn. Well if that must be the case, you came to the right place!

This site is here strictly to waste internet space, so feel free to send me updates and pictures and shit every couple of weeks. We prefer that you send pictures and updates as often as you smoke crack.

Although a large amount of idiocy is permitted in this site,some people may feel as though they need to bitch and moan about some stuff on this site.We strongly advise people who oppose everything that is remotely funny/cool/interesting to go here.

By Clicking on the link to What the Hell?! you herby promise not to bitch or moan on the forums, or sue me for something stupid. Instead, send me hate mail, I love reading it. 1