Vern Stumpen, and welcome to Stumped Sims! If you have no idea how or why you are at this strange place, then you need to go here. If, however, you know what The Sims is and all about the funness joy of playing it, then you will find projects done in the game, and lots and lots of lots! Lots! Lots of them! Check around and take a look at everything, and yesh! Stern Vumpen!

News | January 24:

Okies, so the only real update at the moment is that Keggy's site banner is now up in links! Feel free to bask in its Ryan Stiles Glory! Muahaha. And yesh. The lots page should prolly be up soon, if we can ever decide on a layout. This is just as bad as thinking up a site name. :-P So yesh... If you have any layout ideas, feel free to post! Really! :-P Okies, it's late. Or early. So yesh. Harsen for now! Enjoy your funness banner, Keggy!

News | January 19:

Muahaha! Links page is up! The About Us page didn't make it today... Or yesterday... Ebil lateness. Hmm. Oh yesh! Neither did the whatchamacallit... Lot pages! :-P But the links page looks completely flabilis, and the banners were custom made and such and look totally awesome. Have fun checking out the funness sites in there! More to come, definitely, and yesh! Harsen!

News | January 18:

Wheee! The site is doing really well, and is being whipped out really quickly and spiffily! So far, we've gotten up the Projects info page, the Neighborhood 3 project page with a complete lot list, and the lot request page. Tomorrow, the About Us page should come online, and hopefully, we can start work on actually putting together all the goodies that go with the Neighborhood 3 project and yesh. Woo for piccies! :-P Anyway, yesh! Feel free to plop some stuff on the tagboard or just boggle at scrolly thingers or Vern Stump. Harsen now, as it's rather late! :-P

News | January 17:

Woot! It seems that the site is coming along really, really well! Check back soon for more goodies and such to come, as this is lots of fun. :-P

News | January 5:

This is just a test to see if the whole uppy-scrolly-newsy thinger works. Well, we'll know in a moment! Muahaha.

What should the name be?

We need a site name!

Any ideas? (Snuhlies!)