1. $15 per entry
2. $9 per second photo
3. $6 for every photo after that
4. $25 for Unlimited entries in Glamour, Portfolio, Stageshot/Proof or Natural
5. $40 for UNLIMITED entries into any division in the contest
6. You do not have to send photo's in individual emails, you may send them in one
Natural Photos are: Studio pictures such as Sears, JCPennys, Walmart, Kmart etc Snapshots are  fine also.
Porfolio Shots are: Pictures that have either some sort of "theme" or full body pictures. They may be glamour or natural. Snap shots are fine also.
Glitz Photos are: Pageant Photos, Anything that has: large amounts of digital work, and Glamour Shots are GREAT!
StageShot Photos are: Photos of your child on stage. They do not have to be pageant pictures, just the child has to be on stage.
Proofs are: Pictures that were made to be Glitz photos, but with out the retouching.
12. There is no limit to the amount of entries per division/contest, you may enter as many pictures as you wish in each contest.
13. There must be at least 15 entrants to award optional prizes. We will still award Overall Optional Winner even if there arent enough entrants for each individual to be awarded.
14. You may enter all photos as many times as you would like into different contest, you may also enter one photo into two divisions if you would like.
15. You may send your entries and payments by mail but please email me to get infomation.
16. You may send your pictures by snail mail only if accompanied by self addressed stamped envelope.
17. If you are questioning whether the picture is a
Natural, Portfolio, StageShot, Glitz or Proof entry, please ask.
18. Please have good sportsmanship, and do not be upset if you don't win the title you wanted. There is always next month.
19. All judges descisions are final.
* If there are an insufficient number of entries recieved on any given month then, at the discretion of the contest director, the recieved entries will be placed in the following month's contest and the current month's contest will be cancelled for reason of insufficient entries.

Copy and Paste this information into the email when sending:

Child's First and Middle Name:
Parent's Name:
Parent's Valid Email address:

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